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Want To Challenge A New York Mechanics Lien? Note These Words of Wisdom

Challenging a mechanics lien in New York is a difficult task.  This is something the courts have made clear over and over again as we’ve covered on this blog in posts like “Are New York Mechanics Lien Challenges Impossible?” and “New York Court Refuses To Cancel Mechanics Lien When Parties In Dispute.“ I came across […]

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Lien Law Alert: Are New York Mechanics Lien Challenges Impossible?

The Kings County Supreme Court in New York recently refused to invalidate a mechanics lien even though it appeared pretty likely that the claim was filed late. The case underscores how difficult it is to challenge the validity of a lien claim through a motion. Mechanics Lien That States Work Done Within 8 Month Filing […]

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Threats To Bond Off Your Mechanics Lien: Explaining Mechanics Lien Bonds

Many folks who use the Zlien service to file a mechanics lien are confronted with a post-filing situation when the property owner or general contractor “threaten” to remove the lien with a mechanics lien bond. I put the word threaten in quotes because folks always describe this event as a threat, but really, it’s not […]

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New York Exaggerated Lien Claims More Difficult To Prove After Recent Appeals Case

In New York, as is the case in almost every state, the party filing a mechanics lien must do so truthfully. The mechanics lien statement must always be signed, and oftentimes must be notarized and verified, indicating that the facts and figures set forth therein are true and correct.  This extends, of course, to the […]

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Mechanics Lien Exaggeration Case Must Go To Jury Holds Guam Supreme Court

We don’t talk enough about Guam.  Who does, right?  Last week the Guam Supreme Court issued an opinion affecting the territory’s mechanics lien laws (Yes, you can file a mechanics lien in Guam, and yes, Zlien can help you). While the Guam territory is incredibly small and likely doesn’t affect a business’ day-to-day routine, the […]

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Think It’s Easy To File A Mechanics Lien? Consider This Nevada Lien Validity Checklist

I came across a blog article from Nevada law firm Albright, Stoddard, Warnick & Albright titled Nevada Mechanics Lien Validity Checklist. The article is written to developers, property owners and others who may be interested in invalidating a mechanics lien filed against their project, but I think it makes an excellent teaching tool to the other side: […]

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Service Mistakes Are Common When Filing A Pennsylvania Mechanics Lien

Jerry Geiger at Newman Williams published a blog last week titled “Pennsylvania Mechanic’s Lien Missteps.”  The article focused on a common mistake made by lien claimants in Pennsylvania; best summarized by Geiger with this sentence: In each case [that Geiger handled to remove invalid mechanic liens in Pennsylvania] …the claimant assumed the affidavit of service […]

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What’s The Risk Of Filing An Invalid Mechanics Lien?

It is often that someone contacts us suspecting that they don’t have mechanics lien rights, and they are wondering: should I file the mechanics lien anyway?  There is a lot that goes into answering this question. Since Zlien is not a law firm, it can’t and doesn’t give legal advice, and so we always inform […]

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Yes, Property Owners Can Be Forced To Pay For Construction Work Twice

Over the past few years, I’ve participated in an online community of attorneys at It’s a community I highly recommend to other attorneys and to the public, as anyone can use the site to get free legal advice about anything. As a matter of fact, we’ve integrated Avvo directly into our industry-leading LienPilot application […]

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New York Court Refuses To Cancel Mechanics Lien When Parties Are In A Dispute

Reason #9 of the recent article “17 Ways A Mechanics Lien Works To Get You Paid” states that a mechanics lien is effective because it is “hard to challenge.”  Last week, this was highlighted by the New York County Supreme Court in B & B Constr., Inc. v Prestige Plumbing & Heating, Inc. In this case, […]

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New California Laws Make Mechanics Lien Claims Stronger Than Ever?

California never was a jurisdiction that construed mechanics lien claims very strictly, but the laws that took effect on July 1st appear to legislatively require courts to uphold mechanics lien claims whenever possible. In the past few months, we’ve published a few articles about how important it is to mechanics lien claimants whether courts will […]

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