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Georgia's mechanics lien law changes

Georgia’s Mechanics Lien Law Changes Now In Effect

Earlier this year we wrote a few articles about legislative changes to the Georgia mechanics lien statutes – first about the legislature passing the amendments and then later about the governor signing them into law.  These laws were slated to take effect on July 1, 2013, which means that they are now in effect. Explanation […]

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Don’t Make This Mistake When Filing An Arizona Mechanics Lien

When filing an Arizona mechanics lien, you’ll come upon a blank in the form asking you to fill in the amount of your lien claim.  This may seem like a simple field, but it’s a minefield, and you must be careful not to make a mistake here that will invalidate your mechanics lien rights. Determining […]

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Can Alaska Mechanics Lien Include Costs and Attorney Fees?

I’ve written a blog post in the past about a general good practice when preparing a mechanics lien claim with respect to the question of whether a claimant should or shouldn’t include miscellaneous costs, attorney fees and expenses in the claim.  The article is What Costs Can I Include In A Mechanics Lien? This is […]

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Can You Recover The Cost Of A California Mechanics Lien?

You filed a mechanics lien, and it cost you money. Everything costs money these days it seems.  When you’re spending this money to get your Louisiana mechanics lien recorded, you’re probably wondering: Am I ever going to see this money again?  Do I have the legal right to recover the cost of filing this mechanics […]

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Can I Include Lien Costs or Attorney Fees in a Washington Mechanics Lien?

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post to address a very frequently asked question, which is “What costs can I include in a mechanics lien?”  Regardless of where you’re filing your mechanics lien, you are always required to set out in the lien document the amount of your claim. Companies typically have the […]

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FAQ: Can Lost Profits Be Claimed in A Mechanics Lien?

Short Answer:  No Long Answer:  First, the usual disclaimer is required to answer this question in a general sense, which is that every state’s laws is different and it’s important to consult the law in your particular state.  However, there are very few states (if any) that allow lost profit claims within mechanic liens.  Here’s […]

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Five Things To Know About Florida’s Mechanic Lien Laws

One of the most popular posts on this blog has been an article I wrote in December 2009 titled: 5 Things To Know About The Miller Act. It’s been a long time since we discussed mechanics lien law in Florida, and so I’m inspired to write a top five post about Florida’s mechanics lien laws. […]

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Including Interest and Late Fees In A Colorado Mechanics Lien

Kudos to the Vail Valley Blogsite for a recent article about a frequently asked question regarding how lien claimants should calculate the amount of its mechanics lien claim. We’ve written about this topic in a general sense in the post: What Costs Can I Include in a Mechanics Lien. What’s great about the Vail Valley […]

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What Costs Can I Include in a Mechanics Lien?

I practice law, and focus on construction law, in the states of Washington, Oregon and Louisiana.    Whenever folks are looking to put together a mechanics lien, this is a question that is very frequently asked.  (Previously wrote about it here). While the question seems quite simple, it’s actually a bit complicated.   And it’s […]

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