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Does Lien Priority Change If A Lien Release Bond Is Posted?

When there are multiple liens or other encumbrances on a property, and everyone is trying to get paid, the determination of which liens have priority is paramount. I recently discussed an Arizona court’s decision giving a mechanics lien priority over a construction lender. That case was fairly straightforward, and once the facts came out, appeared […]

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Bonding Off A Mechanics Lien

Illinois Mechanics Lien Law: Illinois Considering “Bonding-Off” Amendment

A mechanics lien is an extremely powerful tool unpaid contractors and subcontractors can use to get paid.  One of the ways in which a mechanics lien affects a property is that it can “cloud” the property’s title.  In layman’s terms, a property with clouded title becomes extremely unattractive to potential buyers or creditors since there is always […]

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Mechanics Lien Claim or Bond Claim? Which Should You File?

Some people get confused about the differences between a bond claim and a mechanics lien claim, and this can result in causing decision paralysis. As this post will explain, however, the question of “which should you file” is usually a trick question. On most occasions, you only have the opportunity to file one or the other. You […]

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Contractor’s Dirty Secret When Threatening To Bond Off Your Mechanics Lien

“Want to know a dirty secret in the construction industry?,” asks an article we posted earlier this week about threats to “bond off” a mechanics lien claim.  The dirty secret is this: If a contractor threatens to “bond off” your mechanics lien claim, that’s a bigger problem for the contractor than it is for the […]

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Threats To Bond Off Your Mechanics Lien: Explaining Mechanics Lien Bonds

Many folks who use the Zlien service to file a mechanics lien are confronted with a post-filing situation when the property owner or general contractor “threaten” to remove the lien with a mechanics lien bond. I put the word threaten in quotes because folks always describe this event as a threat, but really, it’s not […]

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Primer on Mechanics Lien Bonds and Bonding Off A Mechanics Lien

This article was written by Danielle Rodabaugh of, an agency that issues surety bonds to contractors nationwide. As a part of the agency’s surety bond educational outreach program, Danielle writes informative articles that explain complicated bonding issues to contractors and their lawyers. It’s no secret that filing a lien on a property is the most effective way for […]

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FAQ: What Does A Mechanic’s Lien Do?

Short answer: If you’re unpaid on a construction project, a Mechanic’s Lien is an effective way to get paid. In most states, the filing of a mechanics lien prevents the owner from selling, refinancing or transferring property. Further, and perhaps more importantly, a lien claimant who is originally allowed to file suit only against the […]

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