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The Ultimate Guide To Lien Waivers


Everyone in the construction industry encounters lien waiver documents, but too often, these complex and consequential forms are overlooked. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or a large corporation, understanding and managing lien waiver requests is important.

Ask yourself:  Does your company have a…

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The Guide To Filing A Mechanics Lien in Oregon

oregon-mechanics-lien-lawTo properly file a mechanics lien anywhere in the United States you must meet a very technical process, fulfilling statutory requirements that are very unforgiving.

This guide provides a guide to the mechanics lien laws in Oregon, helping you understand the notice requirements…

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California Preliminary Notice

construction notices mailingUpdate:  This article updated on July 14, 2012, to conform with the new preliminary notice requirements in California.

In California, if you provide materials or labor to a construction project, you are generally allowed to lien that project in the event…

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