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Managing Financial Risk When Contractor Default Is Expected To Soar

Research professor Thomas Schleifer has published a string of op-ed articles at warning those in the construction industry about the financial perils and risks associated with a rebounding economy. In turn, we’ve highlighted these articles and had discussions and Webinars of our own setting forth how to Navigate The Financial Risks of a Rebounding […]

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Joint Check Agreement Mistakes: Recorded Webinar and Conversation Now Available On Demand

Joint check agreements are encountered nearly every day by credit managers in the construction and building supply industries. These documents are wildly popular, but they’re also wildly unpredictable and the potential source for costly mistakes. Over the past few years we’ve addressed the issues presented by joint check agreements. See, for example, the Joint Check […]

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Most Dangerous Joint Check Agreement Mistakes Revealed

This past Wednesday, Nate & I co-hosted a very successful Webinar: The Joint Check Agreement Mistakes That Can Cost You Thousands.  It was very successful, and we had a great discussion about problems you may encounter when dealing with these popular instruments. The slides from the presentation are available on our SlideShare account and viewable […]

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Webinar: Joint Check Mistakes That Can Cost You Thousands

While not exclusively a construction contract instrument, it might as well be.  The “joint check agreement” is wildly popular in the industry, but it actually lacks any defined rules. You may not realize this. You may not realize that there is no such thing as a standard “joint check form” or any laws that clearly […]

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Mechanics Liens: Are Your Lien Rights The Best It Gets When Time To Collect A Debt?

You are a subcontractor or supplier and you have an unpaid account on your hands. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe your customer filed bankruptcy, is being stretched because of a pay when paid clause, or maybe they are involved in a construction dispute. Notwithstanding the circumstances the fact remains that your […]

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Credit Management: Credit Department v Sales Departments – How Everyone Can Get Along

Running a successful business can be full of complications, but your company’s bottom line really boils down to doing two things well: (1) Acquiring clients; and (2) Getting paid for what you do. It’s that simple. Or is it? This article examines the balancing act required for companies to perform both of these tasks well, […]

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The Joint Check Agreements Resource Everyone Should Have

Joint Check Agreements can be a great tool for your credit department, but because of its complications, it can also be the cause of serious problems. Our recent blog series on joint check agreements went through a variety of scenarios to help you better understand how joint check agreements work, how they should be used […]

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Personal Guarantee or a Mechanics Lien?

Round-Up of Joint Check Agreement Blog Series Posts

This fall, we focused a lot of attention on joint checks, authoring a series of blog posts that discussed a range of joint check issues. Through the years of consulting with companies about payment rights, I’ve learned that while folks are often aware of the existence of joint checks, few truly understand what they are or […]

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Joint Check Agreements: Free Form From Zlien

Our three week long Joint Check Agreement Blog Series is drawing to a close. This post pulls together everything we’ve discussed to create an agreement form that is free to view, download and use.  Of course, everything we do here on the Lien Blog is subject to our Terms of Use. Download Zlien’s Joint Check Agreement Form Free.  We […]

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Joint Check Agreements: How To Enforce A Joint Check Agreement

Getting a joint check agreement is great for your company.  In fact, as part of our Joint Check Blog Series we commented that these contracts are a Great Tool For Credit Managers. Nevertheless, joint check agreements are sometimes violated like anything else. Why You May Need To Enforce A Joint Check Agreement Let’s start with […]

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Joint Check Agreements: Joint Check Agreements And Bankruptcies

Bankruptcy is a significant credit and collections challenge in the construction industry. We all fear it.  A customer filing for bankruptcy protection translates into attorney fees, payment delay and non-collectable debts. How do credit departments prepare for and respond to these bankruptcy situations? A few months ago, we ran a Bankruptcy Blog Series. These posts […]

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