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Indiana Sheds Some Light on Mechanics Lien Priority

Mechanics liens are one of the most powerful tools to protect against the risk of nonpayment on construction projects. But, like with all tools, there are certain situations in which the effectiveness of the mechanics lien may be lessened. Since, in many circumstances, mechanics liens only have priority over other subsequent…

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Indiana Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Suppliers to Suppliers Do Not Have Indiana Mechanics Lien Rights
Contractors, subcontractors, suppliers to prime or sub contractors, laborers, and equipment lessors are all eligible to file an Indiana mechanics lien. Unfortunately, though, as is the case in many states, suppliers to suppliers do not have mechanics lien rights in Indiana.

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Indiana Mechanics Lien Law: Preliminary Notice Requirements

Gaining the benefit of a mechanics lien may, at first glance, seem like a one-step process: simply file a lien after non-payment on a construction project. In many states, however, multiple steps are required to preserve a right to mechanics lien protection.  Specifically, in order for a lien to be valid, many…

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No-Lien Clauses and Personal Liability in Indiana

No Lien Clauses in Indiana

A recent case out of Indiana, Feitler v. Springfield Enterprises, addressed two interesting issues: whether “no-lien clauses” in construction contracts are valid and whether parties who are prevented from filing mechanics liens due to no lien clauses can still recover under Indiana’s personal liability statute.
What is a No-Lien…

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