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North Dakota Mechanics Lien Law Applies To Refinery Construction, But Not On Tribal Land

Electrical Marketing’s LiveWire, citing the Fargo-Moorhead Inforum blog, reported yesterday that three North Dakota Indian tribes plan to start construction of a $400 million refinery near Makoti, N.D.  You probably already know this, but there is enormous demand for diesel fuels in North Dakota, which has spurred a ton of development in the state.  The development comes in two forms: […]

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Can You File A Mechanics Lien For Boarding A Property In Preparation For A Hurricane?

Many folks around the country may not relate to this blog post at all, but those in hurricane territory know that when a storm approaches sales of plywood goes through the roof and folks all over town are installing boards to protect home and office windows. You may know where this blog post is going…If you supplied […]

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Playground Installations – Are There Mechanics Lien Rights?

In reading the Wall Street Journal on a business trip, I came across an article about a recent increase in playground installations within shopping malls across America:  If Kids Can Play, Will Mom Shop? The article is timely, as I’ve certainly noticed an increase in shopping mall playgrounds over the past few years. The WEA Southcenter […]

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Does The Green Building Industry Have Fewer Mechanics Lien Rights?

The New York Supreme Court issued an opinion last week that could spell trouble for the growing green building industry, as it ruled that a Cogen Energy System installation did not constitute an “improvement” subject to a mechanics lien. Despite the complex installation required for this system — on a property’s rooftop — the system did not […]

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Cleaning Not Enough To File A Mechanics Lien in Utah

Just a week or two ago, I published a “Scenario” post, analyzing whether a lien can be filed by cleaning services or someone doing cleaning work on a construction project:  Scenario: Can You File A Mechanics Lien For Cleaning Services. Coincidentally, the Utah Court of Appeals published a bit about this topic at the exact […]

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Can I File a Mechanics Lien For This?

Lien laws vary from state-to-state, but across the country it’s a consistent principle that contractors and suppliers can only file mechanic’s liens for work they perform on a construction improvement project. This begs the very important questions – what is a construction improvement project?    And beyond that, what is a construction improvement? With respect […]

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