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Does Lien Priority Change If A Lien Release Bond Is Posted?

When there are multiple liens or other encumbrances on a property, and everyone is trying to get paid, the determination of which liens have priority is paramount. I recently discussed an Arizona court’s decision giving a mechanics lien priority over a construction lender. That case was fairly straightforward, and once the facts came out, appeared […]

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Idaho Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Things to Know

Filing a mechanics lien has the tendency to be complicated as the laws are different from state to state. However, don’t let the fine print be the reason you don’t get paid. Check out the “5 things to know” about Idaho mechanics lien law below before filing. Idaho Mechanics Lien Law is Friendly to Contractors […]

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Idaho Mechanics Lien Law: Court Rules on What Party Must Be Named

One of the most basic features of a mechanics lien is that it enables unpaid contractors and subcontractors to get the money they are owed for furnishing labor and/or materials to a construction project.  But what happens if the property owner for whom the subcontractor furnished labor or materials sells that property to a different […]

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Idaho Liens May Attach Earlier Than You Think for Priority Purposes

If a mechanic’s lien claimant is not paid, there comes a time when the lien claimant must foreclose on the lien or the lien claim is extinguished.  While the time period for this action varies by state, the requirement that a lien must be foreclosed or it will eventually expire does not.  If a foreclosure […]

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What Determines Substantial Completion of Furnishing Labor and/or Materials In Idaho?

First of all, why does this matter?  Thankfully, unlike many questions raised by mechanic’s lien laws, the answer to why the date of substantial completion of furnishing labor and materials matters is fairly straightforward.  It matters because that’s when the clock starts running for a potential lien claimant to file their claim of lien. In […]

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Idaho Mechanics Lien Invalidated By Appeals Court Based on Contractor Registration Technicality

It’s funny how cases are decided completely independent from one another, but somehow, there is overlap and relationships between them. This is the case for two decisions from the past few weeks, one in Idaho and another in California. They both regard almost identical issues, yet the courts reach almost opposite results.  Ah, there is […]

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