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Mechanics Liens: How to Record a Mechanics Lien

Walking a mechanics lien in for recording or submitting through e-filing are fast ways to get documents stamped and indexed in a matter of minutes.  But, what if the recording office is in a different city or state or e-filing is not an option, how do you record a mechanics lien then? Hiring a courier […]

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Pennsylvania Mechanics Liens: Unique Requirements

If you are filing a Pennsylvania mechanics lien, it is obligatory to adhere to your due dates. When filing, you need to leave plenty of time for your mechanics lien to be sent back and forth between multiple parties without its expiration date passing. Because of this, with Pennsylvania mechanics liens you need to be […]

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Mechanics Liens: County Recorders Behind Schedule? You Don’t Have to Be.

Attentiveness to lien deadlines is crucial.  It is important to keep in mind that even if you prepare and send your documents well before the deadline, they could be sabotaged by a sluggish or backlogged recorder. County recorders are notorious for being slow. Nagging and giving a slice of attitude to the county recorder may […]

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Louisiana Mechanics Lien Law: Information on Filing in Orleans Parish, Louisiana

The Lien Blog and zlien’s Mechanics Lien resources are stuffed with information about the mechanics lien laws as they vary from state-to-state. This post will provide some filing and procedure best practices for recording a mechanics lien specifically in Orleans Parish, New Orleans. What You Need To Know About Filing An Orleans Parish Mechanics Lien […]

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Florida Mechanics Lien Law: Preliminary Notice And The Owner Designee

While performing construction work in Florida, those who do not contract directly with the property owner are required to provide preliminary notice to protect their right to file a lien. The deadline to send the Florida Notice to Owner is dependent on your role in the construction project. While the preliminary notice in Florida is […]

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Mechanics Liens: Top Questions for the County Recorder

Recorders are tricky and picky. The smallest error can result in a rejected mechanics lien, and if you have a fast-approaching deadline, that could cause quite the conundrum. With this list of what to ask the county recorders, your path to a recorded lien will be smooth. Or, you can outsource your notice and lien […]

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Texas Mechanics Lien

Texas Mechanics Lien: How To File Your Lien And Get Paid

The Lonestar State is a loner in the mechanics lien law world, as Texas easily wins the award for having the most confusing and tangled set of lien laws. A few years ago I actually wrote an article asking whether the Texas Mechanics Lien Laws Were The Most Complex In the Nation, with the answer […]

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Louisiana Mechanics Lien: How To File Your Claim And Get Paid

It dawned on me this morning that it’s been too long since I’ve written about home sweet home – Louisiana.  While Zlien is happy to serve clients around the country, our hearts get warm when someone uses our system from Louisiana, and especially the New Orleans area.  Although Louisiana’s law is a bit different from […]

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Georgia Mechanics Lien Law: How To File Your Claim

Georgia mechanics lien law can be tricky, as is the case in every state.  One tiny error in the way you preserve or enforce your mechanics lien can invalidate your entire claim, and accordingly, you’ll want to be very careful in this process. This article is a step-by-step guide to filing a Georgia mechanics lien. […]

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Illinois Mechanics Lien Law: How To File Your Claim and Get Paid

Filing a mechanics lien in Illinois, just like in any other state, can be a technical and error-prone task.  As we’ve stated over and over again on this blog, mistakes are common, and they can be fatal to the effectiveness of your claim.  This article guides you step-by-step on filing an Illinois mechanics lien claim, […]

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New York Mechanics Lien Law: How To File Your Claim

Filing a mechanics lien in any state is a tricky and technical affair, and this is true in New York.  Over looking a trivial step in the process or making a small mistake on the mechanics lien form can invalidate your lien claim completely. This articles provides a step-by-step explanation of what is required to […]

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