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Florida Notice to Owner – Will Sending It Upset Your Customer?

I came across an exchange in the forum about whether a subcontractor should sent its Florida NTO and protect its lien rights on a project. The question is one we’ve addressed at length on this blog:  Will a preliminary notice scare a customer? Here is the forum member’s question exactly: My question is for […]

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Contractor’s Dirty Secret When Threatening To Bond Off Your Mechanics Lien

“Want to know a dirty secret in the construction industry?,” asks an article we posted earlier this week about threats to “bond off” a mechanics lien claim.  The dirty secret is this: If a contractor threatens to “bond off” your mechanics lien claim, that’s a bigger problem for the contractor than it is for the […]

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The Z Team: Zlien Family Vacation – Part 3

Everyone relax!  Here is the third edition and shocking conclusion to our quarterly retreat pictures for your enjoyment:              

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Everyone Must Send Preliminary Notice in Arizona

Arizona has a very strict preliminary notice requirement with zero exceptions and zero tolerance. The requirement comes from ARS 33-992.01, which provides where relevant: B. Except for a person performing actual labor for wages, every person who furnishes labor, professional services, materials, machinery, fixtures or tools for which a lien otherwise may be claimed under this […]

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General Contractors Must Now Send Preliminary Notice in California

California’s mechanics lien law changed significantly on July 1st, 2012. One change to the preliminary notice provisions effects those who contract directly with the property owner. These previously exempt parties must now deliver a preliminary notice. §8200(e)(2) of California’s new preliminary notice laws states that those ”with a direct contractual relationship with an owner or reputed owner […]

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Work Performed By Your Subcontractors Will Extend Your Mechanics Lien Period

When does the mechanics lien clock start and stop? This is a complicated question whose answer will vary from state to state. It’s also a question we’ve addressed on the Lien Blog in the past, but only with respect to whether punchlist, remedial and warranty work would extend a lien claimants filing period (usually, it […]

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5 Fast Facts About California Mechanic’s Liens

The Contractor’s Secret Weapon blog posted an article providing 5 fast facts about California Mechanic’s Liens. Here they are: 1)    If you didn’t contract with the property owner, within 20 days after first providing materials or services to a project, you must deliver a Preliminary 20-Day Notice to their customer, the property owner, the general […]

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Virginia – Strongest Liens of them All?

In the past, we’ve posted about the strength and effectiveness of construction liens.    Across the nation, construction or mechanics liens can be used as a powerful collections tool by contractors, suppliers and others working on construction projects. The state of Virginia, however, has perhaps the most powerful mechanics liens in the nation. In most circumstances, […]

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Explaining Louisiana Lien Law at AllBusiness.Com, an online media and e-commerce company that operates one of the premier business sites on the Web, is a great tool for contractors.   They self-proclaim to help business professionals save time and money by addressing real-world business questions and presenting practical solutions. As one of its resources, the website has re-published an article written […]

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Can Unlicensed Contractors Lien in California?

In California, like in every state, those who perform labor or provide materials to a construction project obtain a right to lien the property.  In fact, this lien right is even built into the California constitution. However, every state’s lien laws has complex requirements.   A question that is frequently asked is whether an unlicensed contractor […]

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Be Careful When Using Free Legal Forms

Gerard Simington with “” published an informative article that warns businesses about using free legal forms found on the internet. The Internet has placed legal information and legal forms at our fingertips — and its easy to forget sometimes that the law is a very complicated subject, and legal forms are no exception.  While a […]

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