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Florida Notice To Owner: Exceptions To The Requirement

Generally speaking, when working on a private construction project in Florida, you must deliver a “Notice To Owner” to preserve your mechanics lien rights. Like any law, there are exceptions.  This post reviews the rule, the exceptions and some best practices for your company. Explaining Florida’s Notice To Owner Requirement Many states have preliminary notice […]

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Associations Must Authorize Condo Work For Florida Mechanics Lien…Or Do They?

Filing a mechanics lien against a condominium complex for work performed on the “common elements” can be a tricky affair. Typically, this work is authorized by the association or developer, but not specifically by each and every condo unit owner. Those familiar with condominiums know that the common elements are jointly owned by each unit owner. So, […]

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What Is A Payment Bond?

A good place to start with these basic questions is with a basic definition, and I’ve found a good one on Wikipedia: A payment bond is a surety bond posted by a contractor to guaranty that his subcontractors and material suppliers on the project will be paid. Payment Bonds on State, County or Federal Projects […]

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Florida Mechanics Lien: How To File A Lien And Get Paid

If you have not been paid for labor, services or materials furnished on a construction project in Florida, you may be able to collect the money you are owed by filing a mechanic’s lien (also referred to as a construction lien).  You can file a mechanic’s lien claim on your own, or call upon an […]

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Scenario: Can Landscapers File A Mechanics Lien?

I’m frequently approached by landscaping companies to advise them on the extent of their mechanics lien rights. These companies usually have a mix of business. Sometimes, they’re doing full landscaping projects, re-landscaping a particular property.  Other times, they are doing landscape maintenance in some form.  I’ve even been approached in the past by lawn mowing […]

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Special Mechanic Lien Rules for Specially Fabricated Materials

Time and time again on this blog, I’ve said that if there is one lien law rule consistent from state to state, it’s that in order to qualify for a mechanics lien claim, the materials or labor you furnish must actually be incorporated into the jobsite’s property (click here to see mentions of “incorporation” on […]

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Free Florida Mechanic Lien, Bond Claim and Notice To Owner Forms

Here are a few Florida forms that are helpful to anyone furnishing materials, labor or services to construction projects in those states, as well as a description of each. All forms are provided subject to zlien’s terms of use.  These forms relate only to private projects in the state of Florida. Free Florida Mechanics Lien […]

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Five Things To Know About Florida’s Mechanic Lien Laws

One of the most popular posts on this blog has been an article I wrote in December 2009 titled: 5 Things To Know About The Miller Act. It’s been a long time since we discussed mechanics lien law in Florida, and so I’m inspired to write a top five post about Florida’s mechanics lien laws. […]

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Be Careful: The Holidays Can Affect Your Mechanic Lien Filing Deadline

I got a call over the weekend from a client who needed to file a Florida mechanics lien, but the 90th day from when his company last furnished labor and materials was on the previous day – a Friday.  The recorders office was closed on that day in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, and so […]

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Florida Bond Claims: How To Lien A State Or City Project

Before jumping into the specifics on how public bond claims or “liens” work in the State of Florida, it’s important to point out the differences between private liens and state liens. I’ve written a few blog posts comparing these remedies, and here are some helpful links: Is My Project Private, Federal, State…Or Something Different? The […]

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Companies Fail To File Lien Claims for Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on Florida Amway Center Project

The Amway Center project in Orlando Florida appears to be having money problems. This story from the Orlando Sentinel reports that some contractors are unpaid on the project even six months after they’ve finished work.  And we’re not talking about small amounts of retainage here and there, but debts of up to $2 million. Money […]

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