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Notice to Owner: Florida Court Provides Some Clarification

Ownership of a property can change frequently, and those transfers of ownership can happen before, during, or after construction. This can cause serious headaches in states, like Florida, in which some parties are required to send a notice to owner prior to filing a valid lien. Is a subcontractor or…

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Mechanic’s Lien: How Long Do I Have To Wait Before I Can File?


Yesterday, someone in Treasure Coast, Florida submitted a question about mechanics liens to the “General Plumbing Discussion” forum at PlumbingZone.com.  The post, titled “Mechanic’s Lien in Florida” boils down to this question: “How long do I have to wait before I can place a mechanics lien on the property?”

There are two components…

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Sarasota Herald-Tribune Reporter Unfair To Mechanics Lien Laws

Michael Braga of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune (@MichaelBraga2) published an article last week titled “Harassing lien angers Sarasota senior,” reporting on a mechanics lien filed by Gulfeagle Supply against “a retired…resident living on social security.” The article is clearly biased in favor of the retiree homeowner and against the “harassing” company….

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