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Lien Horror Story: Did the Ghostbusters Have Lien Rights?

This post is part four in our four part Mechanics Lien Horror Story Series throughout the month of October. Didn’t think liens could be spooky? Think again.

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Imagine this…
Doctors Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore have just finished exterminating another ghoulish infestation at the Sedgewick Hotel. Perhaps their encounter…

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Getting your Mechanics Lien E-Recorded Successfully

We’ve discussed at length the benefits and limitations of e-recording services for your mechanics lien, and concluded that electronic filing is generally a massive benefit for the claimant when it is available. E-Recording allows for a much quicker turn-around time for filing documents, and provides the ease of being notified almost…

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Property Research: The Hidden Step in Mechanics Lien Prep

Mechanic liens and notices require certain data to correctly identify the property being liened. Much of property research hinges on the following three pieces of data:

Legal Description. Each state has specific requirements for what type of property description is required. However, sometimes particular counties may have different requirements for what they…

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Connecticut Mechanics Liens: Zlien Can Help

My previous post reviewed filing Pennsylvania mechanics liens.  In it, I detailed the reasons why one needs to stay especially focused on their lien deadline because of the extensive filing process. However, it is important to know that Pennsylvania is not the only state where one could fall victim to…

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Mechanics Liens: How to Record a Mechanics Lien

Walking a mechanics lien in for recording or submitting through e-filing are fast ways to get documents stamped and indexed in a matter of minutes.  But, what if the recording office is in a different city or state or e-filing is not an option, how do you record a mechanics…

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