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Frequently asked questions about credit management and credit risk mitigation through mechanics lien and bond claim compliance, including frequently asked questions about how to manage the lien process and how to file a mechanics lien.

When to Send Preliminary Notice [50-State Guide for Subcontractors]

When to send preliminary notice

Are you a prime contractor? View the Prime Contractor’s Lien and Notice Deadline Chart. Do I have to send a pre lien notice? Is my mechanics lien going to be invalid? Sound familiar? The quest to find pre lien notice (or preliminary notice) requirements and deadlines leaves many scratching their heads. To solve this problem, […]

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What is a Subcontractor Lien Waiver? [FAQs and Forms]

Subcontractor lien waiver

Whether your headquarters are located in a van, or on a massive campus, as a subcontractor, you’ve probably been asked to sign a lien waiver at one point or another. What is a subcontractor lien waiver? A subcontractor lien waiver is, simply put, a lien waiver for subcontractors. I can guess what you’re thinking now: […]

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Project Completion Date: When It Matters And Why


It’s very common that we get questions about project completion dates and its effect on a party’s mechanics lien or bond claim rights. This is an important and tricky topic, and unfortunately, there aren’t very many answers. In fact, I spent 6 months last year digging into California county records to locate a solution to […]

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Arizona Mechanics Lien Law: Preliminary Notices -The Basics

Those who provide labor and/or materials on a private construction projects in Arizona are required to send a preliminary notice at the beginning of their participation in the project. Failure to provide this preliminary notice may result in the loss of their right to later file a mechanics lien if they remain unpaid. Who Should […]

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What Is A Stop Notice?

Much of the space on the Construction Payment Blog is, appropriately, dedicated to posts concerning various aspects of mechanics liens, and to a slightly lesser extent, bond claims. Mechanics liens (on private projects), and bond claims (on public projects) are far and away the most commonly used and widespread avenues for securing extensions of credit […]

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Mechanics Liens: How To Classify Charter Schools

Projects on school property are nearly a constant in the construction industry. Schools seem to always be updating, building, or refurbishing. As Jason recently described, projects on schools can be either public or private depending on the nature of the school itself. Generally, the determination is simple: If it’s a public school, it’s a public […]

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Looking for Legal Advice In Order To Get Paid?

Have you been in the position of not getting paid?  If so, you might have looked deeper into mechanics liens and realized all the complex ins-and-outs of lien filing.  Not only do liens create leverage on the job but a lien must also meet many requirements in order to be deemed “valid.”  The validity is […]

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Preliminary Notices: Should I Wait To Send My Preliminary Notice?

Arizona Mechanics Lien & Bond Claim Resources

Earlier this week, a subcontractor in Arizona posted a question on Avvo.com about whether he should or should not wait to send a 20 day preliminary notice. The resounding answer from me and other Arizona attorneys was “No, never wait.”  Why did we respond in this way?  Is it the right response?  Is there ever […]

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