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ABC Supply Mechanic Liens In Pittsburgh Demonstrate Why Liens Work

ABC Supply Co. is a wholesale distributor of roofing materials, meaning that they frequently supply roofing materials to roofing contractors who then install those materials on residential and commercial properties. [custom_frame_left][/custom_frame_left] I came across a new story from the CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh about a group of mechanic liens they filed against residential projects in […]

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Forget About Today’s Postage Increase And Lose Your Lien Rights?

A few weeks ago, we warned that the USPS was ready to increase postage rates in 2012.  The day of reckoning has come, and new postage rates go into effect today, January 23, 2011. Most important for those who send preliminary notices and other construction notices is the increase to first class mail.  The increase […]

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Postage Rates May Significantly Increase in 2012 Affecting The Cost Of Sending Notices

The USPS has requested to increase postage rates by as much as 4% in 2012, which would have a substantial impact on contractors and suppliers who send a lot of construction notices. If your company sends its own preliminary notices, you’ll want to prepare to update your postage software and your preliminary notice software. If […]

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Thanksgiving 9 News Story On Unpaid Workers In Colorado Fails To Consider Filing A Mechanics Lien – We’ll Help For Free

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, there are a few dozen unhappy construction workers in the Denver area according to a story by 9 News. A roofer on the Breakers apartment complex project said the non-payment has cost his family, and that “the turkey isn’t going to be on the table because of it [non-payment] this year.” […]

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Chasing Storms For Construction Work? Be Sure To Protect Your Lien Rights

Hurricane Irene in the Northeast, Tropical Storm Lee in the Gulf South…the meteorologist are working around the clock, insurance adjusters are on the move, and its quite clear that we’re at the peak of the 2011 hurricane season.  While it’s never good to hear about folks losing their homes and damages to our infrastructure, there […]

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Get Free Legal Advice About Mechanics Liens On Your Smart Phone

Congratulations to Avvo for the superb job they did optimizing their website for mobile phones, as announced last week on their Avvo Blog. Now, you can ask legal questions about mechanic’s liens (and anything else) for free, on the go. I love the Avvo service, and have been participating in their community for a few […]

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Scott Wolfe Featured in Tacoma’s News Tribune in Story About Collecting On Mechanic’s Liens and Construction Projects

What happens when your working on a construction project that goes completely belly up?  When the project itself is over-mortgaged, and the folks up the contracting chain have taken all the money, spent it, and declared bankruptcy? This situation happens all across the country, but happened recently in massive style with “Prium,” a construction outfit […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Do-It-Yourself Mechanic Lien and Notice Forms

If you Google “mechanic lien forms,” you’ll be swamped with companies selling do-it-yourself mechanic lien and notice forms for prices as low as $10 or $15. After purchasing the form once, you can use it as many times as your company needs. When comparing this nominal fee with the cost of paying a service like […]

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Construction Lien Blog An Expert on Mike Rowe Works’ Trades Hub

Mike Rowe, the host of the Emmy-nominated Discovery Channel series Dirty Jobs, today launched Trades Hub, publishing resources and content from writers and bloggers in the construction industry for folks from all types of trades. The Construction Lien Blog (and our sister Construction Law Monitor blog) has been chosen to take part in the Trades […]

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Companies Fail To File Lien Claims for Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars on Florida Amway Center Project

The Amway Center project in Orlando Florida appears to be having money problems. This story from the Orlando Sentinel reports that some contractors are unpaid on the project even six months after they’ve finished work.  And we’re not talking about small amounts of retainage here and there, but debts of up to $2 million. Money […]

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County Recorder in Ohio Will Notify Property Owner of Liens By Text Message

A county in Ohio – Lorain County – is home to a recorder with a really novel ideal.  With the intent to prevent real estate fraud, Recorder Judy Nedwick has launched a notification system to alert property owners whenever a document is filed against their property. The alerts will be sent by email or text […]

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