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How to Serve a Mechanics Lien in Person

Serving a mechanics lien, or providing a copy of the lien to interested parties, ensures that they receive notice and can promptly recognize and pay your claim. In most states, mechanics liens lien may be served through the mail, usually by sending it via certified mail – sometimes with return receipt requested. Not every state makes the […]

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Connecticut Pay If Paid Clauses

pay when paid and pay if paid provisions

Pay if paid and pay when paid clauses are treated differently depending on the state. Some, like Illinois, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, have statutory restrictions on such clauses, and others, like California and New York, do not enforce them on public policy grounds. In other states, however, the enforceability of a pay if paid or […]

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Connecticut Mechanics Lien Law: Five Things You Should Know

Connecticut mechanics lien laws

Connecticut mechanics lien law is complicated and it’s important to understand the laws applicable to your project. Here are five things you should know about Connecticut mechanics lien law. 1) Notice Requirements Are Complex Connecticut does not require any notice prior to performing work on the project. However, the general contractor is allowed to file […]

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Mechanics Liens: How does Zlien sign your documents?

Database Maintenance for Lien Law Changes

Will zlien be sending me paperwork to sign? In most cases, the answer is No.   zlien is compliant with every state’s lien and notice requirements.  If we are capable of signing your documents on your behalf as an authorized agent, then we take care of getting your documents signed and notarized if necessary. When […]

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Connecticut Court Forgives Small Error In Mechanics Lien

mechanics lien mistakes

Mechanics lien statutes are complex and technical, and they get mixed treatment by courts across the country with some courts very strictly construing and others very liberally construing the statutory requirements. It’s because of these varied restrictions that filing a mechanics lien can be a treacherous affair, and folks are at risk to make common mistakes […]

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