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Can You File a Lien While Working Under Multiple Contracts?

Confusing Lien Decisions

In a recent Florida lawsuit, an engineering company and condominium association found themselves arguing over whether a mechanics lien was properly filed.  The two parties had executed 9 different, independent contracts to perform work on the condominium complex. When unpaid, instead of filing 9 different liens, the engineering company filed a single blanket lien against […]

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Other Liens: Louisiana Homeowners Association Lien or HOA Lien

Another great tool that is out there to secure debt with real property is the HOA lien. HOA stands for homeowners association. Many neighborhoods have homeowner associations. These entities exist in order to take care of the common elements of the neighborhood and keep the place looking nice. They are also set up to make […]

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Assessment Liens: An Overview of Different Schemes

  Liens for past-due assessments are a condominium, or other HOA, association’s most potent tool for getting paid. Just like a mechanics lien, an assessment lien secures the debt owed with property that can be foreclosed upon in the event of non-payment. Also similar to mechanics liens, the particular statutory requirements in order to create […]

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Condo and Association Liens: How To Get Your Association Paid With A Lien


UPDATE: We apologize for any inconvenience, but zlien no longer offers assessment lien filling as of 2013. While you can use zlien to file a mechanics lien for construction projects on a condominium unit and/or building, zlien does not file HOA liens for unpaid dues. Condominium and Homeowner Associations are run by their communities. Property owners usually volunteer […]

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Mechanics Liens: Liens on Condominiums – An Overview

Condominium Mechanics Lien in Florida

Mechanics liens on condominiums can be tricky. In fact, this blog has addressed the complexities of condominium projects several times; here, here, and here for example. The reason that condo projects are sometimes more difficult, in terms of properly preserving mechanic’s lien rights and perfecting liens, than other types of projects is generally because the factors […]

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Condominium Liens: How Many Liens Will You Need?

When it comes time to record a mechanics lien every company wants to file the minimum amount of documents. This makes perfect sense. The more documents you need to record the more expensive the lien process will be. Things get a bit sticky when filing mechanics lien claims against a condominium construction project. This post […]

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Why Assessment Liens? The Basics.

Condominium and HOA (Homeowner Association) Assessment Liens are a powerful tool for condo and HOA boards to make sure dues and assessments get paid. An assessment lien encumbers the property so that the property cannot be sold, refinanced, or transferred without satisfying the lien, and this generally includes short sales. Further, besides encumbering the property, […]

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Who Benefits From Assessment Liens?

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that zlien has expanded into the Condominium and Home Owner’s Association Assessment Lien realm.  Some previous posts have addressed the differences between condominium associations and other HOAs, a “How- to” overview, and a general definition of what an assessment lien does. In a unique situation here on […]

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