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Condominium Mechanics Lien in Florida

Mechanics Liens: Liens on Condominiums – An Overview

Mechanics liens on condominiums can be tricky. In fact, this blog has addressed the complexities of condominium projects several times; here, here, and here for example. The reason that condo projects are sometimes more difficult, in terms of properly preserving mechanic’s lien rights and perfecting liens, than other types of projects is generally because the factors […]

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Condominium Liens: How Many Liens Will You Need?

When it comes time to record a mechanics lien every company wants to file the minimum amount of documents. This makes perfect sense. The more documents you need to record the more expensive the lien process will be. Things get a bit sticky when filing mechanics lien claims against a condominium construction project. We’ve addressed […]

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Who Gets Preliminary Notice When Working on A Condominium Complex in Washington?

Over the weekend, a reader sent in an interesting question about Washington’s preliminary notice requirements. The question relates to construction work and materials furnished to a condominium complex, specifically inquiring as to who must receive the preliminary notice on such projects? Condominium construction projects presents complex legal issues in the mechanics lien context because property […]

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Associations Must Authorize Condo Work For Florida Mechanics Lien…Or Do They?

Filing a mechanics lien against a condominium complex for work performed on the “common elements” can be a tricky affair. Typically, this work is authorized by the association or developer, but not specifically by each and every condo unit owner. Those familiar with condominiums know that the common elements are jointly owned by each unit owner. So, […]

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Issues When Liening Condominiums in Louisiana

Projects involving condominiums, and securing your lien rights against them, always raise unique questions: Can lien be filed against the common elements? Does the lien attach to the whole development or an individual unit? Do the normal Louisiana lien requirements apply, or are there specific rules that govern liens on projects of this type?, etc. […]

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Georgia Mechanics Lien: Issues When Claiming Against Condominiums

Preparing a construction lien for a condominium unit or complex always presents its challenges.  Each state handles these circumstances differently, and indeed, some states fail to address the situation at all. However, its quite clear that some complexities are presented when filing a lien on a condominium.   Does the lien attach to the individual condo […]

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