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Don’t Miss Your Lien Deadline By Waiting Until the Last Minute to File

It’s always a good idea to keep informed of lien deadlines and not wait until the last minute to file. Even though giving the property owner a bit more time to pay you, or to put pressure on the contractor who owes you money, may sometimes enable you to get paid without needing to go […]

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3 Lien Waiver Mistakes That Can Burn Your Company

Getting paid on a construction project frequently requires you to execute a lien waiver, and for this reason, thousands and thousands of lien waivers are executed by companies across the country everyday. Unfortunately, however, the routine nature of these documents make them susceptible to mistake. This article explores the 3 lien waiver mistakes that can […]

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5 Common Mechanics Lien Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

When unpaid for labor or materials furnished to a construction project, a mechanics lien can be the most effective collections remedy available to a company. In previous articles we’ve discussed why this:  17 Ways A Mechanics Lien Works To Get You Paid. The laws surrounding the mechanics lien remedy, however, can be complicated, and making […]

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Mechanics Lien & Partial Payment: What Are the Options?

Filing mechanics liens pursuant to a robust lien policy is a great way for companies in the construction industry to secure extensions of labor and/or material on credit, and position themselves well to be paid on every project. While the best case scenario is to receive full payment after a mechanics lien has been filed, […]

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Indiana Weighs In On Mechanics Lien Claimants Who Identify Themselves Incorrectly

What’s in a name?  In the mechanics lien world any tiny mistake can invalidate an entire claim, and surprisingly over the past year, claimants have been misidentifying themselves quite a bit across America. If a claimant incorrectly identifies themselves in a lien claim or a notice is that cause to invalidate it?  How big of […]

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Mechanics Lien Compliance: Who Can You Trust?

Mechanics lien compliance should be a priority for any credit professional in the construction or distributing space. Many companies spend a healthy heap of money sending preliminary notices and protecting their lien rights, but they so rarely dedicate resources to making sure that the compliance work they are doing…is right.  If there is an universal […]

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Miller Act Claims: 11th Circuit Dismisses Suit for Procedural Error

We here at the Lien blog devote a lot of our time to writing about mechanics liens, and all the issues and laws surrounding them in each and every state.  Another major area of interest, however, is the Miller Act, a piece of federal legislation which permits unpaid subcontractors and material suppliers on federal government […]

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Credit Management: Stick to the Credit Policy As Exceptions Can Be Costly

Here on the Lien Blog, we discuss good credit policy often because it is so integral to making profits in the construction industry. Lets face it, we are all in business to make profits. This post discusses what happens when a good policy is in place, but not strictly followed. In doing my research on […]

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Estimating contract amount

California Preliminary Notice: Should I Add 20% To The Estimated Contract Value?

Short Answer:  No. Long Answer:  This is a question we get a lot related to the California and Arizona preliminary notice requirements. Unfortunately, however, it’s all related to a misunderstanding of the “20% Rule.”  The first misunderstanding is that the rule applies to California and Arizona (it only applies in Arizona). The second misunderstanding is […]

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Texas Mechanics Lien Law: What is “Substantial Compliance”?

Some states spell out exactly what kind of language must be contained in a valid mechanics lien.  These states may even provide templates in their statutes that unpaid contractors and subcontractors can use in a mechanics lien.  Other states, such as Texas, lay out the general requirements a valid mechanics lien affidavit must follow, and […]

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California Mechanics Lien Mistakes

California Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

The California mechanics lien laws are the same as every other state, in that they are complicated and leave a lot of room for mistake. In the mechanics lien universe, one small mistake can invalidate your entire claim.  Therefore, pay very close attention to this article, which outlines the five most common (and tragic) mistakes […]

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