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One Notice That Gets You Paid in 20 Days or Less

5 Reasons to Drop Demand Letters for the Notice of Intent to Lien

Getting paid in the construction industry can be complicated and frustrating. We at The Lien and Credit Journal believe in your right to get paid what you earn, but the best way to demand payment may not be exactly what you expect. For starters, we have a secret about making demands for payment … the […]

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How To Hire A Debt Collection Lawyer

A debt collection lawyer can help you solve the problem of uncollected debt.  These highly specialized individuals can do wonders for your business and its delinquent accounts.  That’s why it pays to do your homework before hiring a professional to assist you with debt collection.  A little research can help you determine which lawyer is […]

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How to Write an Effective Demand Letter

It’s not a fun job but someone has to do it. There will come a time when you have to write a customer a demand letter and it’s going to need to be effective. So, what do you include in it?  What type of terminology drives the message home? The following tips will help you […]

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5 Steps To Finding A Commercial Collection Agency

A commercial collection agency can help your small business collect debt on past due accounts.  The services provided by your arrangement can save you time and the frustration of dealing with deadbeat debtors.  When looking for a commercial collection agency to utilize, there are some factors you’ll want to consider. The five steps to finding […]

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Making a collections call

Preparing Yourself for Successful Collection Calls

Whenever you’ve discovered a customer hasn’t paid you on time, you absolutely must get on the phone and give them a call about this payment. It’s never easy, it’s never fun, but it has to be done. Collection calls will increase your recovery rates and help ensure you get that payment as quickly as possibly. […]

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Collections Policy: How To Increase Successful Return On Collections

By the time that any debt makes it to collections something has gone wrong. Many times there are a number of things that have gone awry in the sales and payment cycle. As a lawyer, I always like to say that a dispute did not reach my desk until things were messy. There are a […]

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Collection Tips: What’s Available To Get You Paid?

Last week, I published an article titled:  Are Your Mechanics Lien Rights The Best It Gets When Time To Collect A Debt?  It was inspired by a quote from Texas construction attorney Joe Virene, who when reviewing personal guarantees and joint check agreements on his blog, stated that while these other remedies are “nice” to […]

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Mechanics Liens: Are Your Lien Rights The Best It Gets When Time To Collect A Debt?

You are a subcontractor or supplier and you have an unpaid account on your hands. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe your customer filed bankruptcy, is being stretched because of a pay when paid clause, or maybe they are involved in a construction dispute. Notwithstanding the circumstances the fact remains that your […]

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Mechanics Liens Get You Paid Faster

Mechanics Liens: Getting Paid Faster Means Protecting Lien Rights According To Industry Magazine

George Hedley, a licensed business coach and author of The Business Success Blueprint For Contractors, recently published a very practical article about getting paid in the Independent Electrical Contractors’ Insights Magazine: How To Get Paid Faster! “Getting paid,” reports Hedley, is the biggest challenge facing contractors. This is something we’ve echoed here on the Lien […]

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Collections Policy: How Other Security Can Help Collections Policy

  I find myself writing about policy a lot on Lien Blog. Today’s discussion is about collections policy. Collections policy is the last moving part when it comes to credit policy. Overview of Collections Policy If all goes as planned then there will never be a need to implement a collections policy because your company […]

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Collections: Retainage Best Practices

Last week we wrote an article about Retainage laws: What Rules Apply And How Do You Get Your Hands On The Money.  This article defined and debated retainage laws and practices, and enumerated how the laws operate across the country. It hinted at, but did not directly state, that these laws are negotiable. In large part, […]

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