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How To Hire A Debt Collection Lawyer

A debt collection lawyer can help you solve the problem of uncollected debt.  These highly specialized individuals can do wonders for your business and its delinquent accounts.  That’s why it pays to do your homework before hiring a professional to assist you with debt collection.  A little research can help you determine which lawyer is […]

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A Secret To Handing Cash Flow Peaks And Valleys

Rohit Arora, CEO of Biz2Credit, published a great article last week on Fox Business’ Small Business Center: 5 Tips for Handling Cash Flow Peaks and Valleys (as seen in HVACR Business Magazine eNewsletter). Every business – from mom and pops to multinational organizations – confronts cash flow challenges. In my experience of working with companies of […]

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Managing Financial Risk When Contractor Default Is Expected To Soar

Research professor Thomas Schleifer has published a string of op-ed articles at warning those in the construction industry about the financial perils and risks associated with a rebounding economy. In turn, we’ve highlighted these articles and had discussions and Webinars of our own setting forth how to Navigate The Financial Risks of a Rebounding […]

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6 Days to Becoming a zlien Pro – Day 2: Setting Up Your Collections Funnel

In yesterday’s lesson, you learned what a lien is and how it works, right?  Today, we are going to discuss how to create your company’s own lien policy that should work for projects in every state, every time. Why make my your own lien policy? Cash is the lifeblood of every business, and the best […]

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Credit Management: Collections Policy Overview

At some point, a customer to whom credit has been extended will not pay on time. With all of the security and other policies and procedures in place to get you paid, the penultimate step is to have a collections policy. There are numerous steps and factors to consider when crafting a collections policy, but […]

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Collections Policy: How To Increase Successful Return On Collections

By the time that any debt makes it to collections something has gone wrong. Many times there are a number of things that have gone awry in the sales and payment cycle. As a lawyer, I always like to say that a dispute did not reach my desk until things were messy. There are a […]

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Collections Policy: How Other Security Can Help Collections Policy

  I find myself writing about policy a lot on Lien Blog. Today’s discussion is about collections policy. Collections policy is the last moving part when it comes to credit policy. Overview of Collections Policy If all goes as planned then there will never be a need to implement a collections policy because your company […]

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Credit Management: Lien Policy or Other Security Can Help Collection Policy

Recently we have been examining collection policy in the context of a company’s overall credit management scheme. Having a written lien policy with a set and strictly followed procedure is important not only to recover the money owed to the business, but also for the sake of efficiency. If the proper steps to be taken, and […]

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Collections: Why A Company Needs A Collection Policy

In every industry there is a need for collections. Most companies that I see from day-to-day are completely reactive in the collections approach. This is the company who waits to not be paid, then tries to do something about it last minute. This tactic is not a smart one to live by. Be Proactive Regarding […]

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Collections: In-House or Outsource?

I’ve mentioned that a collection policy is an important part of a company’s overall credit management scheme. And, that a good collection policy, coupled with a thorough lien policy, may enable a business to generally avoid getting to the litigation portion of their credit policy. An integral part, and a good first step, of a collection […]

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Collections: An Overview

Quite a bit of space on the Paid Blog lately has been used to discuss credit management, including credit policy, lien and notice policy, securing debt, litigation policy, and more. Throughout these discussions, however, very little time and space has been given to collection policy. A collection policy, though, is an important piece of a […]

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