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California Mechanics Lien Resources

California Mechanics Lien: The Resources, Forms & Information You’ll Need

We’ve published a mountain of information and resources on the California mechanics lien over the years. This post packages it all for you in one location, and explains what you’ll need to know and have to get your mechanics lien claim filed. Zlien’s California Mechanics Lien Law Resource Center Zlien publishes a mechanics lien law […]

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California Preliminary Notice: A Very Important Document

The preliminary notice requirement is an important factor that is often over looked by many in the construction industry. Here at Zlien we have educated our readers and customers about preliminary notices. They are important in credit policy and also a vital link to filing a valid lien. This blog post is intended to be […]

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California Mechanics Lien: New Service Requirement Explained

The California mechanics lien law has always required claimants to deliver a copy of any filed liens to the property owner. Prior to the recent 2012 amendments, however, there was very little detail about how and when to do this. California’s recent mechanics lien law changes is now pretty specific on these points, but it […]

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California Mechanics Lien Mistakes

California Mechanics Lien Law: 5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make

The California mechanics lien laws are the same as every other state, in that they are complicated and leave a lot of room for mistake. In the mechanics lien universe, one small mistake can invalidate your entire claim.  Therefore, pay very close attention to this article, which outlines the five most common (and tragic) mistakes […]

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California Mechanics Lien: 4 Gray Areas In The Lien Law

Do you have mechanics lien rights?  This is a very complex question in any state as all lien legislation is riddled with gray areas and legal rule exceptions. The California legislature just finished two years of amendments to the state’s mechanics lien laws in an effort to stamp out confusion, yet there are still ambiguities […]

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California Mechanics Lien Law: Must Preliminary Notice Be Sent To The Tenant?

Yesterday we published a massive post about California’s preliminary notice requirements when work is commissioned by a tenant. The article mainly addressed whether a party who contracted directly with a tenant would be exempt from sending preliminary notice pursuant to the § 8200(e)(2) statutory exception for those who contract with the “owner.”  The article did […]

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California Mechanics Lien Law: Preliminary Notice Requirements When Work Commissioned By A Tenant

California Civil Code Article 8200 provides that serving a preliminary notice upon the owner, the direct contractor and the construction lender is an absolute pre-requisite to later filing a mechanics lien, stop notice or payment bond claim. There are few exceptions to the California preliminary notice requirement, but one overall exception is within part (e)(2) […]

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California Mechanics Lien: Five Things To Know About The Lien Law

Two of the more popular posts on this blog are articles with very similar titles and formats:  5 Things To Know About The Miller Act and Five Things To Know About Florida’s Mechanics Lien Laws. This post follows a similar format, but addresses the mechanics lien laws in California. Although we have over 75 posts on California’s mechanics […]

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California Mechanics Lien Law: Must It Be Notarized?

While a California mechanics lien must be signed and “verified,” there is not an independent requirement that it also be notarized. Confusion arises because the mechanics lien statute requires verification, but as we’ll see in this blog post, a “verification” requirement is not the same as a “notarization” requirement. The statute in question is California […]

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California Mechanics Lien Law: Can Lien Rights Be Waived Before Work Is Commenced on a California Project?

We recently received a question from a blog reader inquiring about lien waivers, and specifically, whether signing a contract with a no-lien clause extinguishes that party’s right to claim a lien in California. We have previously addressed lien waivers generally here.  Lien waivers pre-contract, or no-lien clauses written into the contract itself, are sure to […]

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California Mechanics Lien Law: When Is A California Construction Project Substantially Complete?

Short Answer:  It’s a legal determination ultimately left up to a court, but takes into account a variety of factors.  Typically, the most controlling or popular factor is when the property is ready for occupancy. Long Answer: This is the hardest question to answer in California’s mechanics lien law. Unlike the majority of states, a mechanics lien […]

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