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Justin Bieber Legal Troubles Compounded by Mechanics Lien? You’d Better “Belieb” It

While The Lien and Credit Journal routinely provides “breaking news” alerts in the fields of mechanics lien law and credit management, it is a rare occurrence when those arenas intersect with popular culture and celebrity newsmakers. However, such a situation is currently unfolding, as the filing of a mechanics lien against his property has potentially […]

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construction notice requirements in california

California Preliminary Notice Infographic

The California preliminary notice requirements are actually quite simple, but that doesn’t mean they lack details.  To make all of those details easy to understand, we’ve created an infographic exploring everything you need to know about California’s preliminary notice requirements, such as: When to send it Who to send it to How to send it […]

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New California Law Passed In Response To Fifth Day That Affects Construction Managers

A few months ago Nate wrote an article titled “Unlicensed Contractor? Depending On The State You May Be Working For Free.”  The subject of this article is very important, as is the topic of contractor licensing. In many states, those who are required to have a contractors license, and who do not, could be completely […]

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Pay When Paid and Pay If Paid Clauses in California

In many states, courts are required to determine whether a pay if paid, or pay when paid contract clause functions as a risk-shifting clause, or merely a timing mechanism. This can be a tough challenge. Fortunately, pay when paid and pay if paid clauses in California are easy to figure out: they are unenforceable as […]

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California Mechanics Lien Law: Information on Filing a Los Angeles County Mechanics Lien

The Lien Blog and zlien’s Mechanics Lien resources are jam-packed with information about the mechanics lien laws as they vary from state-to-state, but we rarely analyze these laws at the county level. Zlien is changing that with our in-depth guides for specific counties across the country. Following is an overview of filing a Los Angeles County mechanics lien. […]

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California Mechanics Lien Law Changes: (Nearly) One Year Later

  On July 1, 2012, a whole host of changes to California’s mechanics lien law went into effect.  Given the substance of these changes and new requirements, the Lien blog published a series of articles describing the modifications to California’s mechanics lien law.  But have the changes actually led to any change in the number […]

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Lien Law Alert: New California Case Law Update

A recent decision out of a California appellate court upholds the California lien law standard by which a mechanics lien is valued by the lesser of the contract amount or the value of the work performed. Logically this makes sense, but the Appel v. Superior Court, 214 Cal. App. 4th 329 (Cal. App. 2d Dist. 2013) clarified some […]

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California Mechanics Lien Law: Court Rules on Important Lien Amount Case

A basic feature of a mechanics lien is that a lien enables an unpaid contractor or subcontractor to receive the money that he or she is owed.  Unfortunately, determining exactly how much a lien claimant is owed is anything but a simple task.  Should the amount be determined by how much the party was supposed […]

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Estimating contract amount

California Preliminary Notice: Should I Add 20% To The Estimated Contract Value?

Short Answer:  No. Long Answer:  This is a question we get a lot related to the California and Arizona preliminary notice requirements. Unfortunately, however, it’s all related to a misunderstanding of the “20% Rule.”  The first misunderstanding is that the rule applies to California and Arizona (it only applies in Arizona). The second misunderstanding is […]

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California Preliminary Notice

California Preliminary Notice: The General Contractors Requirement

I received an interesting telephone call from a client recently, which caused me to dig a bit deeper into California’s recent mechanics lien law changes with respect to the “new” requirement that general contractors send preliminary notices. As you’ll see from this post, general contractors certainly have a preliminary notice requirement under the new law, […]

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California Notices and Liens: Researching the Property Owner

When beginning work on a construction project, many states require a preliminary notice to be delivered within a certain time frame. States that require preliminary notice to be sent include Washington, Oregon, California, and Ohio. The idea behind the preliminary notice is that since a mechanics lien encumbers the title of the property, the property […]

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