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Calculating Mechanics Lien and Bond Claim Deadlines: A Map of Last Furnishing and Completion States

The simple way to think about a deadline is that it is the process of counting a period of time from one point to another, and at its core, this is true. In the world of mechanics lien and bond claim deadlines, however, the time counting process is complicated by a variety of factors dictating […]

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6 Days to Becoming a zlien Pro – Day 5: Filing Documents in the Lien Pilot

Your lien deadlines are only as important as the documents that they guide, and filing your notices and liens on time is the best way to protect your lien rights and secure your invoices. Now that you are tracking your deadlines, what do you do when it’s time to file a lien? There are a […]

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Vermont Mechanics Lien: When to File

The deadline to file a mechanics lien on a private project varies from state to state. For instance, in California, lien claimants have 90 days from the last date that they furnished labor or materials on the project in question to have the lien filed. In Wisconsin, the deadline to file a mechanics lien is […]

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Lien Deadline Calculator: Why Dates Are Important

    Have you ever seen this tiny little image next to a project in your LienPilot, the dashboard for Zlien users? It might be the most important feature on your LienPilot, and here’s why: Lien Pilot due dates help you stay compliant When you enter a new project into your LienPilot, our system asks […]

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Challenges of Calculating Mechanics Lien Deadlines For On-Going Work

Calculating mechanics lien deadlines should be straight forward…You start with your last day of furnishing or the completion date for the project (as the case may be), and you count the required number of days and land on your deadline.  Easy, right? If you’re a reader of this blog you know that this isn’t ever […]

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Add A Project And Calculate Mechanics Lien Compliance Requirements In Seconds

How awesome would it be if you could calculate all of your mechanics lien and bond claim compliance by inputting a few simple pieces of data about your construction project?  Meet Zlien’s LienPilot. Add A Project And Calculate Your Mechanics Lien Requirements Using the LienPilot to calculate your project’s mechanics lien compliance requirements is so […]

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Which Work or Materials To Include When Calculating A Mechanics Lien Deadline

A footnote in a July 2012 Connecticut Court of Appeals decision presents an interesting issue about calculating a mechanics lien deadline.  This task, as readers of the blog will know, is not as easy as it seems. Calculating a mechanics lien deadline usually requires the claimant to select its last date of furnishing labor or […]

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Georgia Mechanics Lien: When Should You File?

I must give a hat tip to the Cobb Law Group and their great Georgia Construction and Lien Law Blog for a really terrific post two weeks ago titled: When Should A Mechanics’ Lien or Materialmen’s Lien Be Filed in Georgia. I highly recommend heading over to their blog to read this post, which offers […]

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Knowing A Project’s Final Settlement Date Is Key For State Bond Claim Deadlines

One frustrating thing about the mechanic’s lien and payment bond claim laws across the nation is that they are all different. In particular, the lien claimant’s deadline to file a mechanic’s lien or payment bond claim varies state-to-state. Since this post is part of our State Bond Claim Blog Series, it will focus on claim […]

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Monitor Deadlines And Send All Required Notices for $28 Per Project (Or Less)

Yesterday, we wrote an article titled “4 Reasons Why It’s Smart To Outsource Your Preliminary Notice Work,” which discussed some reasons why outsourcing makes sense for construction and material supply companies who need to send preliminary notices to preserve their lien rights. Today, we’re going to get specific, and explain how simple and inexpensive it […]

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Finally, All Of Your Mechanic Lien Deadlines In One Place

A few months ago I posted: Visual Calendar Shows You When Liens and Notices Are Due.  This was a decent post that introduced a new LienPilot feature, but in retrospect, it really did a poor job showing our readers the benefits of this new feature. What’s so special about this Calendar? The LienPilot can calculate […]

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