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Mechanics Liens: Can You File A Mechanics Lien For Snow Removal Work?

Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and others in the Northeast were pummeled with the #Nemo storm and snow over the weekend. I can confirm the reports first hand as I’ve spent the last two day sin Cambridge, MA, where snow on the sidewalk is nearly taller than me. Everywhere I looked was construction machinery or machinery of some sort working […]

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Louisiana Mechanics Lien Law: Filing Date Differences For Public And Private Projects

As always a general rule of thumb for all lien law nation wide is that the requirements to file are technical. This post deals with Louisiana, and shows how timing can be used for (by the legally savvy) or against a party. Most all contractors either know that they should or that they are required to […]

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Bond Claims: Is There a Benefit to Sending A Bond Claim When There is No Requirement to Send a Claim Prior to Initiating Suit?

Bond claims, like mechanic’s liens, have requirements that vary from state to state.  Whether or not preliminary notice is required, who must receive preliminary notice or the claim itself, and even if a formal claim is required prior to initiating a lawsuit to recover can all change depending on the state in which the project […]

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Mechanics Lien Claim or Bond Claim? Which Should You File?

Some people get confused about the differences between a bond claim and a mechanics lien claim, and this can result in causing decision paralysis. As this post will explain, however, the question of “which should you file” is usually a trick question. On most occasions, you only have the opportunity to file one or the other. You […]

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Pennsylvania Mechanics Lien Law: Does the Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act Undercut Sub-Subcontractors’ Rights?

The Pennsylvania Contractor and Subcontractor Payment Act 73 P.S. Sec. 501 et seq., was passed in 1994 to provide contractors and subcontractors additional protection when unpaid for their services on construction projects in that state.  Generally speaking, the act sets forth general payment terms for contracts that don’t contain a payment due date, and provides for […]

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Suppliers to Suppliers Mechanics Lien & Bond Rights

A previous article on our blog indicated that “Suppliers to Suppliers rarely catch a break” with respect to mechanics lien and bond claim laws. The reason here is because most private and public statutes prohibit suppliers to suppliers from filing a mechanics lien or bond claim. It’s important to not only announce this information in […]

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Mechanics Liens: Claims On Aircraft Hangers?

Can you file a mechanics lien for furnishing labor or materials to an airport hanger?  And if so, who exactly owns the property? I was inspired to write this post because of a twitter user who recently followed me. @specdor is a company that specializes in aircraft hanger doors. After looking at their twitter profile […]

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Projects on an Embassy – Any Rights?

A recent visitor to posed an interesting question: What rights does a party have after performing work on (or furnishing materials to) a project on an embassy? This got me thinking – do special rules govern projects of this type, or do they just fit in to the existing structure already set out?  And, do the […]

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Lien Law Alert: Minnesota Bond Claims Effective Upon Mailing, Not Receipt

Earlier today we wrote about a recent decision from the Minnesota Court of Appeals whereby a bond claim was invalidated based on a tiny technicality about which address the notice of the claim was sent.  That blog post focused mostly on the result of the case and the reasoning supporting that result. While clearly important, the appeals […]

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Lien Law Alert: Bond Claim Invalidated Based On Tiny Technicality In Minnesota

In Safety Signs LLC v. Westfield Insurance Co, the Minnesota Appeals Court issued a decision that feels clearly wrong. In response, the case was appealed to the state’s highest court, and the American Subcontractors Association has submitted an application to file an Amicus Curiae brief requesting that the appeals decision get overturned. While this case should […]

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Bond Claims: Dispute Between General Contractor and Surety Good Demonstration On Why and How Bond Claims Work

Although I typically write from the claimant’s perspective on this Lien Blog, every now and again I run into a case or article about the bond and lien claim process from the perspective of other parties that are revealing to claimants.  Such is the case with a news article from about a bonded general […]

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