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Mechanics Lien Compliance In The Cloud – Watch The Webinar

The mechanics lien and bond claim rules are complicated, and since they vary from state to state and circumstance to circumstance, they are nearly impossible to manage and control. Are you using Excel sheets to keep up with these deadlines? Or is someone personally calculating this stuff and figuring it out for you? There’s a […]

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Webinar: LienPilot New Tricks and Features

New Tricks and Features with our LienPilot App

zlien is constantly innovating. In fact, it’s one of our core values, and it’s why – almost every week – we push a release of new features and updates to our industry leading cloud based mechanics lien and bond claim management application, the LienPilot. So many new and cool features have been added over the […]

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Lien Deadline Calculator: Why Dates Are Important


    Have you ever seen this tiny little image next to a project in your LienPilot, the dashboard for zlien users? It might be the most important feature on your LienPilot, and here’s why: Lien Pilot due dates help you stay compliant When you enter a new project into your LienPilot, our system asks […]

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You’re Not Crazy – Our Login Screen Has Changed

If you’ve logged into your zlien account recently you probably noticed something different. In a subtle change to our system we have updated our login screen. The new screen is cleaner than its predecessor, and we think it makes logging in slightly more enjoyable than before.  Plus, we’ve added a simple message the encapsulates zlien’s […]

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Zlien v. NCS Credit – A Comparison

Preliminary Notice and mechanics lien compliance is a challenge for building material suppliers and subcontractors across the country. More than a legal compliance challenge this is a credit challenge. We’ve talked about credit challenges in the past on this blog. In fact, I would call it a general theme of this blog. We’ve discussed Credit […]

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We Can Manage Lien Compliance For Hundreds Of Projects

If you’re in the construction business then you’re in the credit business, and until recently, that meant having all types of tricks up your sleeve to reduce your company’s credit risk on every furnishing. These tricks include getting personal guarantees, running credit checks, negotiating joint check agreements, purchasing credit insurance, purchasing check guaranty services, and […]

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How To Use The LienPilots™ Locations Feature

Our clients have many different powerful uses of the LienPilot’s “Locations” feature. This post provides you with a tutorial on how your company may use this powerful feature. Manage Notices and Liens For Different Branches or Offices One of the most popular ways clients use the LienPilot “Locations” feature is to associate projects with different […]

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