New Spiffy Footer Makes Navigating Blog Easier

New Spiffy Footer Makes Navigating Blog EasierScroll down to the bottom of our blog and you’re going to see something new….a better, more useful footer menu.  Our previous footer was boring, ugly and pretty static, and improving it has been one of those things on my plate for a while.

So, here is a guide, from left to right:

Basic Information.  Here are the critical details about us.

Most Read. Here are links to the top five blog posts on the Construction Lien Blog.  They will change as the analytics change, so this displays the top five most read posts from the past month.

Why Us.  These are a collection of blog posts that highlight Zlien’s services, why we’re awesome, and why it’s important and a good idea to outsource lien services to a company like us.

Best of. These are the five posts on our blog with the most interactions (comments), and thus, labeled as some of our best content since the best content usually gets the most comments (as per popular belief).  So, this section will change as time goes on and other articles accumulate more interactions.

So, that’s that.  Pretty exciting stuff if you’re life is very unexciting :).   Thought I’d introduced our readers to the footer navigation, though, as it provides you a quick and easy way to get to our blog’s best content first.

Scott Wolfe Jr

About Scott Wolfe Jr

Scott Wolfe Jr. is the CEO of zlien, a company that provides software and services to help building material supply and construction companies reduce their credit risk and default receivables through the management of mechanics lien and bond claim compliance. He is also the founding author of The Lien and Credit Journal, a leading online publication about liens, security instruments and getting paid on every account. Scott is a licensed attorney in six states with extensive experience in corporate credit management and collections law, with a specific emphasis on utilizing mechanic liens, UCC filings and other security instruments to protect and manage receivables. You can connect with him via Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.