Managing and Ordering Documents When Your Company Has Multiple Locations or Brand Names

Since our service is especially talented in helping companies manage and file preliminary notices and mechanic liens in multiple states across the country, a lot of our clients have more than one physical location. Sometimes, companies will often have multiple brand names as well, or a number of parent, sister and subsidiary companies.

We’re asked:  Can Zlien’s software (the LienPilot) and ordering system handle multiple locations or company names?

The answer is yes.  This is accomplished by using the LienPilot’s “Locations” feature, which allows you to associate multiple locations to your LienPilot account. These locations may or may not have an alternative company name. The use of our “Locations” feature is great for companies who have multiple office addresses and the same company name, and/or companies who have multiple subsidiaries with different company names.

How do you set up alternative locations?

Start by logging into to your LienPilot account with us at Once logged in, click on the “Settings” link at the top of the page. This will bring you to an area where you can administer your company’s account settings.

You’ll see a yellow box in the top right corner of this page: “Locations Management.” You will want to click on the button “Add Location.”

What you’re basically doing here is adding a “location” to your account for this new company. It can be the same address and contact information (that’s fine, just fill it in with whatever information is relevant), but where you’ll want to put in the alternative company’s name is in the fields:

  • Name of Location
  • Alternative Name

The “Name of Location” is the name you are giving to this location for internal purposes only, so you can identify it in a list within our LienPilot. The “Alternative Name” is the name of your other company, as this is the alternative name of the company that will be used on the notice / lien itself.

When you add a project within the LienPilot, or go through to order a notice or product through the Wizard, you’ll be asked to select the appropriate location. Make sure you select the alternative location, and the order will be processed under that company’s name.

Here is a screenshot of the “Add Location” screen:

Managing and Ordering Documents When Your Company Has Multiple Locations or Brand Names

Location Management in Zlien's Lien Pilot


Scott Wolfe Jr

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