Guest Post About Life Of The Mechanics Lien At Construction Law Musings

Guest Post About Life Of The Mechanics Lien At Construction Law Musings

A special thanks to Christopher Hill and his recommended Construction Law Musings blog, for letting me post for a record 5th time as part of his Guest Post Friday series. I love his construction law blog. He’s been blogging about construction law matters in Virginia for a few years, and he brings an unique voice to the construction law conversation out there on the Internets.

While I’ve focused on immigration issues my past submissions, this time, I wrote an article outlining the life of a mechanics lien claim: The Life Of A Mechanics Lien Claim: Preserve, Perfect, Enforce.

I really like how this post turned out, as it gives a big picture overview to the entire mechanic lien process. Here on this blog, I sometimes get bogged down on the nuances in mechanic lien law, addressing the little things that differ state-to-state.

It’s important to step back sometimes and take a view from above apporach to the liens laws, because while they vary drastically from state to state, there are a lot of underlying principles that are consistent. Understanding these principles can take companies a long way.

In any event, thanks to Chris, and I recommend heading his way to read the article.


Scott Wolfe Jr

About Scott Wolfe Jr

Scott Wolfe Jr. is the CEO of zlien, a company that provides software and services to help building material supply and construction companies reduce their credit risk and default receivables through the management of mechanics lien and bond claim compliance. He is also the founding author of The Lien and Credit Journal, a leading online publication about liens, security instruments and getting paid on every account. Scott is a licensed attorney in six states with extensive experience in corporate credit management and collections law, with a specific emphasis on utilizing mechanic liens, UCC filings and other security instruments to protect and manage receivables. You can connect with him via Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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