Joint Check Agreements: Free Form From Zlien

construction payment checks and joint checksOur three week long Joint Check Agreement Blog Series is drawing to a close. This post pulls together everything we’ve discussed to create an agreement form that is free to view, download and use.  Of course, everything we do here on the Construction Payment Blog is subject to our Terms of Use.

Download zlien’s Joint Check Agreement Form Free.  We wrote this to benefit the company furnishing and expecting payment through a joint check agreement. It’s available in PDF or DOC format.

Free Joint Check Agreement Form mechanics-lien-forms-free-download




Here are some things discussed in previous posts that are handled in this example Joint Check Agreement form:

1)  Everyone Is A Party To The Agreement.  Unlike some joint check agreements, all three parties (both payees and the paying party) are made direct parties to this agreement. This ensures that you can enforce the agreement and have defined rights therein.

2) The Paying Party is Obligated to Pay:  The paying party is not merely authorized to issue joint checks under this agreement.  The paying party is obligated to issue joint checks.

3) Language Protects You Against Bankruptcy Filings:  In the event of a bankruptcy filing you want a strong joint check agreement to prevent a §547 Preference from taking your money back or your payment rights. This form contains such language.