Huge Washington Mechanic Lien Case Accepted by Supreme Court for Review

Handling Financial RiskThe appellate court decision in Williams v. Athletic Field, Inc. was the shot heard around the world for construction lawyers and the construction industry in Washington state.

The court – three years after first deciding the case – revisited the decision and reversed itself, holding that the language acknowledging the lien claimant’s signature that is within the statute itself may not be enough to make lien claims valid.

The decision is a bit complex, but as we stated in our blog post on the topic, it confirmed that lien requirements in the state are hyper-technical and the lien form itself is important:  Washington Appeals Case Confirms Lien Requirements Are Technical.

Well, many folks predicted this would go to the Washington Supreme Court, but earlier in October we got confirmation.    The Washington Supreme Court blog posted that the Supreme Court agreed to hear the Athletic Field case in its September conference.

A decision, therefore, will be forthcoming, and we’ll keep you advised…

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