How Can Legal Document Assistant Help Your California Construction Company?

First things first, what in the world is a legal document assistant?   Wikipedia gives the world this definition:

A legal document assistant (LDA, also commonly known as “document technician”, “legal document preparer,” “legal technician,” “online legal document provider” and “legal document clerk”) in the United States is a non-lawyer authorized to assist with the preparation of legal instruments…A Legal Document Assistant is an American phenomenon created in response to the most strict licensing laws for attorneys in the world.

California has a licensing procedure for LDAs, pursuant to the California Business & Professions Code.   zlien , in case you are wondering, holds one of these licenses (LDA-152).

How LDAs Can Help You

This leads me to a second inquiry:  how can a legal document assistant (like Zlien) help your California Construction Company?   Plenty.

Two great examples of where LDAs can help California construction and material supply companies arise with the state’s 20-Day Preliminary Notice Requirement, and the need to file a mechanics lien on unpaid projects.

Filing a preliminary notice is not rocket-science.   There is a form provided by the California statutes, and you’re simply required to fill out that form and serve it upon the appropriate parties in the appropriate way.    The sending of a 20-Day Preliminary Notice is such a minor and routine task that you’ll likely have some trouble hiring an attorney to simply send the notice for you.

While the 20-Day Notice is simple, it’s not inconsequential, and the legal requirements for sending the notice properly is unforgiving.   The notice, for example, needs to contain certain provisions in boldface type, and failure to include this is fatal to the document.   The notice must also be served in a specified manner, with certain evidence of the service kept on record (including an affidavit of delivery).

A legal document assistant can really fill the void here and get these 20-Day Notices sent for your company at a reasonable price.

zlien sends California 20-Day Preliminary Notices for just $15.00 per notice.   That’s a remarkable price, considering it includes preparation, delivery charges, completion of an affidavit of service, and maintenance of all the necessary files on the zlien servers.

Similar to a LDA helping with notices, an LDA can also file a mechanics lien for your company.  zlien files California Private Mechanic Liens for a $295 flat fee.   Again, a remarkable price without any hidden costs.    The fee includes preparation of the lien, fees charged by the county, delivery to the county recorder, research of the legal property description, and delivery of the filed lien to the property owner (with affidavit of delivery).

Have more questions about Legal Document Assistants and how we can help?   Just ask us.

It’s important to remember that a LDA is not a lawyer, and therefore, cannot give legal advice about your particular circumstances.   Instead, a LDA can provide self-help services at your specific direction.