Get Free Legal Advice About Mechanics Liens On Your Smart Phone

Congratulations to Avvo for the superb job they did optimizing their website for mobile phones, as announced last week on their Avvo Blog. Now, you can ask legal questions about mechanic’s liens (and anything else) for free, on the go.

I love the Avvo service, and have been participating in their community for a few years now.  To date, I’ve published 17 Legal Guides on their site and answered over 50 legal questions, frequently all about mechanic’s liens in the states where I practice (Washington, Oregon, California, Louisiana).

Take a look at how my legal answers look on a smart phone:

Get Free Legal Advice About Mechanics Liens On Your Smart Phone

In addition to this participation, we’ve partnered Zlien with Avvo through the use of the company’s API. So when you log into the LienPilot, you have relevant and immediate access to the power of Avvo, the nation’s largest online directory of attorneys.

Specifically, once you add a project to the system, click on the “Legal Center” tab.  From there, you can ask attorneys questions about mechanic lien laws, see the Top 10 construction law attorneys in your area, and read legal guides about construction law and lien law in the jurisdiction of your project.  Take a look at the screenshot of this below:

Get Free Legal Advice About Mechanics Liens On Your Smart Phone

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Scott Wolfe Jr

About Scott Wolfe Jr

Scott Wolfe Jr. is the CEO of zlien, a company that provides software and services to help building material supply and construction companies reduce their credit risk and default receivables through the management of mechanics lien and bond claim compliance. He is also the founding author of The Lien and Credit Journal, a leading online publication about liens, security instruments and getting paid on every account. Scott is a licensed attorney in six states with extensive experience in corporate credit management and collections law, with a specific emphasis on utilizing mechanic liens, UCC filings and other security instruments to protect and manage receivables. You can connect with him via Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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  • sandi

    I am a small business owner and need to know about property liens to get paid on jobs that have already been completed.

    • Scott Wolfe Jr

      Hi Sandi – thank you for your comment. The fact that your job has been completed doesn’t mean lien rights have expired. In many states, lien rights persist for a period of time after the job is completed. The key is figuring out what deadline applies to your project, and then seeing if you’re within it. We certainly can help, as we have LienPilot software that can calculate your lien deadlines for you. You put in the simple project information, and the system calculates the deadlines. You can signup here:

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