Forget About Today’s Postage Increase And Lose Your Lien Rights?

New Postage Rates Effective Today - Impact on Preliminary Notices

A few weeks ago, we warned that the USPS was ready to increase postage rates in 2012.  The day of reckoning has come, and new postage rates go into effect today, January 23, 2011.

Most important for those who send preliminary notices and other construction notices is the increase to first class mail.  The increase is only a penny, but don’t be surprised if you send something out to get mailed and it gets returned to the sender because of a one cent shortage. How tragic would it be for your mechanic’s lien or preliminary notice to get delivered late because of a single penny?!

If you’re sending out any type of construction notice that is deadline sensitive (and they all are), double check that the postage is 100% correct.  If you attempt delivery with inadequate postage, a court will likely look at this and consider the attempt invalid.  Most states require delivery of these notices with “postage prepaid,” and if the postage is one cent short, the notice won’t qualify.