Zlien Now Filing in California

zlien is pleased to announce that it is growing its service, and that as of Monday, June 10, 2008, its online lien filing service will be available for use in California.

Zlien.com is a revolutionary lien filing service offering those in the construction industry a fast and affordable way to lien non-paying projects and protect the interests of their organizations. The service was launched in July 2007, and is now the fastest and most effective way to lien a construction project in California, Washington and its founding state of Louisiana.Launching the service in California is part of the company’s long-term growth strategy. California has 11% of the United States’ population, and its construction market is explosive. The service also recently started serving other west coast states, such as Washington, Nevada and Oregon.Within just five to ten minutes, a contractor or material supplier can now lien a non-paying project without the hassles of hiring an attorney or scouring the internet for forms and procedures. Liens are prepared to the standards of the filers jurisdiction, are delivered to interested parties as per state law, and are stored on zlien’s servers for ease of record-keeping.

The flat filing fee to file a construction lien is only $295.00, which is a fraction of what it could cost to hire an attorney to file the lien.   The fee includes the delivery charges and filing charges of the county.”
“The construction lien is a unique remedy, and available only to contractors,” says Scott Wolfe, founder of the service. “Our contractor’s typically see a 50-65% success rate with their liens. This means they are getting paid after only spending a few hundred dollars on filing their lien. It’s a remarkable potential collection method for them, and if it doesn’t result in payment, they’re left in a powerful legal position against the non-paying party.”
The zlien service makes filing a construction lien easier and more cost effective than ever before.
“Now the construction lien remedy is available to contractors of all shapes and sizes,” says Wolfe, “it really levels the playing field.”
Visit zlien .com to begin liening your non-paying construction project.
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*Zlien, L.L.C. is a Washington company. zlien is not a law firm or lawyers, and does not give legal advice. If you have questions about lien laws, you should consult with an attorney.