Did You Know? Filing Preliminary Notices

Many California contractors know that they are sometimes required to sent 20-day Preliminary Notices to the property owner and general contractor to preserve their lien rights (read related article about preliminary notice requirements in California).

Did you know that you can go a step further from simply sending this notice…and actually file the notice with the county recording office?

The benefit of filing the preliminary notice with the county recorder is that the county recorder will mail to the filing party (you) a notification if and when the property owner files a notice of completion or cessation. As discussed on the Construction Payment Blog, the filing of these documents can affect your Liening Window. Receiving notification of its filing from teh county recorder, therefore, can be an enormous asset.

While this is a great benefit, be weary of relying on the recorder completely. The law is clear that your lien period will not be extended if the recorder fails to make this mailing to you.

Zlien, Inc. delivers preliminary notices to property owners and general contractors for $35.00 per notice. We can file your prelim notice with the county recorder and request notification of any future relevant filings for an additional $75.00 per notice.