Adding Contacts Made Easier In The LienPilot

We made a small improvement to the LienPilot last week in how project contacts are added to your database. Previously, after pressing the “Add Contact” link, the user was directed to a second page where the contact information was requested. When the contact information was entered, the user was brought back to the project’s contact screen.

The multiple screen flow here was unnecessary, and you can now add a project contact without ever leaving the contact page. When you press the “Add Contact” button, the contact fields appear.

While this is a subtle change, it really makes a difference in the usability of this page, and if you’re inputting a lot of contacts it can save a lot of time. Here’s a screenshot of how this feature looks now:

Adding Contacts Made Easier In The LienPilot


Scott Wolfe Jr

About Scott Wolfe Jr

Scott Wolfe Jr. is the CEO of zlien, a company that provides software and services to help building material supply and construction companies reduce their credit risk and default receivables through the management of mechanics lien and bond claim compliance. He is also the founding author of The Lien and Credit Journal, a leading online publication about liens, security instruments and getting paid on every account. Scott is a licensed attorney in six states with extensive experience in corporate credit management and collections law, with a specific emphasis on utilizing mechanic liens, UCC filings and other security instruments to protect and manage receivables. You can connect with him via Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.