Archive | January, 2012

Why Your Secretary Can’t Handle Mechanics Lien Compliance

In consulting with companies around the nation about mechanic lien compliance, you’d be surprised how many companies (big and small) try to delegate their company’s mechanic lien compliance onto a secretary or office assistant. The thought is that this mechanic lien stuff is just paperwork, and that’s what the secretary…

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Zlien Introduces Updated Order Progress Emails

Zlien is happy to announce that it has revamped its order status update emails to make them more comprehensible.

Whenever an order is placed with zlien, the client gets system generated emails that lead them through the order’s process.  Our clients complained that these emails were a bit text heavy…

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FAQ: How Do I Send Preliminary Notice to the Owner If I Don’t Know Who The Owner Is?

If you’re the prime contractor and you contracted directly with the property owner, you’ll have a pretty good understand of who owns the property where work was performed. Prime contractors, however, very rarely have preliminary notice requirements.

Instead, its the subcontractors, the sub-subcontractors and material suppliers who usually have preliminary…

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