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Everything You Need To Know About Mechanic Liens

Construction liens or mechanic liens are hard-hitting collection tools for contractors, and available virtually everywhere. This article provides an overview of basic construction lien principals and requirements.

Lien statutes are complex and technical in every state, but throughout the country common themes and policies emerge.

If you’re in the…

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Identifying Property In A Mechanics Lien

The simple, yet important and obvious component of a mechanics lien is the legal property description.  Nearly every state requires you identify the property with more than a municipal address, with many requiring a legal property description be used.  But, what exactly is a legal property description, and how…

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How To File A California Mechanics Lien

This post, originally published as a Google Knol (which is being discontinued, yawn), is now repurposed for this blog.  One of the reasons I want to republish this thing is because I consider it one of the most comprehensive how-to guides for California mechanics lien filings.

This how-to guide really…

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Your Mechanic Lien Rights If You Were Hired By A Property Manager

Regardless of where you’ve performed construction work, if you’re interested in filing a mechanics lien it’s important to consider where you fall in the construction chain.  For instance, were you the prime contractor, a subcontractor, a sub-subcontractor or supplier? Properly identifying yourself has consequences for the type of notices required,…

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