Archive | June, 2011

Important Mechanic’s Lien Decision & Bill In Pennsylvania

There was some exciting developments in Pennsylvania’s mechanic’s lien laws last week, as the Superior Court issued an opinion about whether “site work” qualifies for mechanic lien rights and the House Labor & Industry Committee considered a bill that would reduce the lien period and require additional notices.  The two…

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FAQ: We’ve Been Paid! How Do We Get The Lien Released?

Short Answer:  You need to file a lien cancellation or lien release with the county or office where the lien was recorded.  Lien release documents must identify the lien and property being released, must meet strict statutory wording requirements, and usually must be notarized.  Be sure to secure payment before…

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FAQ: Which States Require Preliminary Notices?

Short Answer: Whether you must send a preliminary notice will depend on (1) your role in the construction project; and (2) where you are performing work.  Typically, those who do not contract with the property owner are the class of party who must send a preliminary notice. But it is…

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