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Mid-Week Review: Great Articles About Mechanic Liens

Believe it or not, the Internet is full of really great news and information about mechanics liens…and it gets fuller by the hour.  Literally.

Here at the Construction Payment Blog we try our best to write posts concerning important updates to mechanic lien laws, or to point out relevant news stories…

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Express Lien Changes Name To Zlien

zlien, a leader in mechanics lien management and filing, today announced its new company name,zlien.

zlien prepares and files construction notices, mechanics liens and bond claims for those in the construction industry across the nation.zlien is also a leader in mechanic lien management, offering clients a…

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What Happens After You File A Mechanics Lien

So, you fulfilled all of your notice requirements and you filed your mechanics lien on time.  The other party still hasn’t made payment, and you begin to wonder…now what?

Why Mechanics Liens Work

First, before discussing what happens after the lien is filed, let me first address why mechanics liens…

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