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Can I File a Mechanics Lien For This?

Payment Problems and Contract Clauses in Construction IndustryLien laws vary from state-to-state, but across the country it’s a consistent principle that contractors and suppliers can only file mechanic’s liens for work they perform on a construction improvement project.

This begs the very important…

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Our Lien Pilot Looks Great On The iPad

Combining the iPad and zlien’s proprietary Lien Pilot provides your company the perfect lien management solution that can be used in the office, at home or while on a job site. We picked up our own iPad this week, and after testing out the site we’re happy to report that…

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Apologies for Technical Issues

Over the past 7 days, we’ve had trouble with our server on 2 occasions…which, unfortunately, has resulted in the inaccessibility of our websites.   It has also affected the delivery and receipt of email with us.

We apologize for these problems.

Our tech folks assure us that the issues has been…

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Give Notice That You’re Working!

In many states, if the property owner doesn’t know your company is working on a project, you may not have the right to lien.   And since it’s impossible for the law to know when a property owner does or does know a fact, laws around the country require contractors…

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Get Results With A Construction Lien

Possible Consequences of A Construction Lien

Most, if not all, property owners are unaware of the consequences of having a lien filed upon their property.  Say they pay the prime contractor they hired in full and the contractor fails to pay those he has hired independently- the owner could…

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