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Now Sending Emails in Text or HTML – You Choose

After updating our system back in November, we heard from many users that the system generated HTML emails were not getting to their inbox clearly, and users requested the ability to receive emails with text formatting.

Well, we went to work and now all users have the choice of receiving emails…

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Our Pricing Includes All Postage, Fees and Other Expenses

When deciding on a lien and preliminary notice filing company, price is clearly a key concern.    One thing you want to investigate is whether prices charged by other lien and notice companies includes the cost of postage, filing fees, courier expenses and other miscellaneous charges.

Nearly every document carries certain expenses.  …

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Filing A Lien Is A Discipline, and Not A Knee-Jerk Reaction

You’re a contractor, subcontractor or material supplier, and you’re unpaid on a project.   Instantly, your thoughts focus on the mechanics lien concept.  It’s the natural law in the construction industry.

Now, I’m the first to tell you that filing a mechanics lien is one of the best methods of collecting construction…

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5 Things To Know About The Miller Act

Miller Act Articles and Information

When unpaid on a private construction project, an unpaid contractor or supplier can typically file a mechanics lien against the project itself.    The lien attaches directly to the property, preventing transfers and sales, and protecting the unpaid contractor’s…

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