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The Guy Behind the @Zlien Twitter Feed

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The @ zlien twitter feed provides its followers with a wealth of information about construction liens.    Updates to our website and blog are published instantly on our twitter feed, and we’re constantly relaying information about lien laws (including law changes) across the…

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The Importance of Knowing When Your Lien Period Begins

In nearly every state, the construction lien statutes require that claimants record their mechanics lien withing a certain “lien period.”    The start of the lien period has a specific beginning date, and the lien period usually extends for a period of days or months from this start date.   Mechanic liens…

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Mechanics Lien Basics

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times:  lien laws are a contractor or supplier’s secret weapon.   The trouble is that utilizing the law can be complex and hyper-technical.

There are a million materials out in the web-o-sphere to help those in the construction industry better understand the…

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Meet The Industry Leader in Lien Management and Filing

SEATTLE, WA (ZLIEN) November 2, 2009 — Welcome to the new zlien.Com – an industry leading web-based mechanics lien management and filing system.

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new website, and the introduction to a number of new services that helps your company Lien Smarter…and Get Paid.

Zlien’s list…

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