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Utah Mechanics Liens Are Assignable

Filing a mechanic’s lien in any state is fairly inexpensive and easy to do.   Legal Document Preparation services like zlien, for example, perform the task for just $295.00.

While the filing of a mechanic’s lien is effective in and of itself, at times the filing of a lien alone is…

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Caution: Lien Laws in are Hyper-Technical

Financial Risks in Construction IndustryIn most states, the liens laws are hyper-technical.   This means that the laws have many requirements, and that courts strictly construe the rules against the party filing construction liens.

This is true for nearly every state.

While laws across…

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Explaining Louisiana Lien Law at AllBusiness.Com, an online media and e-commerce company that operates one of the premier business sites on the Web, is a great tool for contractors.   They self-proclaim to help business professionals save time and money by addressing real-world business questions and presenting practical solutions.

As one of its resources, the website…

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Can Unlicensed Contractors Lien in California?

In California, like in every state, those who perform labor or provide materials to a construction project obtain a right to lien the property.  In fact, this lien right is even built into the California constitution.

However, every state’s lien laws has complex requirements.   A question that is frequently asked is…

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Read What We Read

All day long, we scour the internet for information on construction liens, lien notices, lien laws and more.  While we post on this blog about certain construction lien news and legal updates, we can’t get around to posting about everything.

However, whenever we run across something great, we share it on…

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