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Hurricane Gustav Highlights Benefits of Zlien

Contractors of all shapes and sizes have used zlien to get paid for construction work performed in New Orleans, LA. In fact, the zlien service was founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and many contractors performing Katrina work have used zlien to file their mechanic’s liens on non-paying projects.


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The Public Works Act: Promoting Capitalism?

As a contractor you are probably aware that governments pay well. Often publicly funded or publicly operated projects provide strong mechanisms for getting paid. These jobs often seek the tireless and qualified contractor to provide work of a high standard to ease public pressures for safety, environmental sustainability and liability…

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Lessors Beware: Notifying the Owner of Your Lease

You are in the business of leasing heavy equipment to contractors. You are beginning to provide more and more machinery to jobsites. You just hit your first snag with payment. What do you do?

Chances are you are stuck in rough spot and have to defer to your contract…

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