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How To Cancel a Washington Lien

mechanics lien waiver and releaseEvery state has strict regulations about how a construction lien may be filed. Oftentimes, however, the cancellation of a construction lien may be more difficult than its filing.

In most states, a “lien release” or “certificate of cancellation” must…

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What’s Inside A Lien?

mechanics lien and bond claim law alerts and changesSo what exactly is required to be within a construction lien? Each state has statutes that set out very specifically what a “claim of lien” or “mechanics lien” must contain to be…

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Important California Lien Forms – FREE

Unlike any other legal document preparation service in California,zlien Inc. works exclusively for the construction industry, preparing, filing & securing construction lien documents for contractors, architects, and material suppliers.

Our service can help your company by:

  • Preparing and serving preliminary notices for your construction projects;
  • Maintaining copies of served notices and liens on…
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Is Your California Lien Filed On Time?

In California, one who performs construction labor or provides materials on a construction project obtains a right to file a mechanics lien or a construction lien. The right, however, is not absolute, and if you don’t act fast to file your lien after non-payment….you may wait too long. Read More

So What Is A Mechanic’s Lien?

The “construction lien” goes by many names in the United States: Claim of Lien, Statement of Claim or Privilege, Mechanics Lien, and more. And while the name and technicalities are different from state-to-state, construction liens generally operate similarly across the nation.

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