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Defining the construction market

CFM Review: Does Construction Need Its Own Business Status?

Every Friday, we select a few articles from the week that we think are worth your time as a construction financial manager (CFM). We look for compelling articles not only about financial topics, but about business, technology, and life, that challenges you to think about your role as a CFM in different ways. We’d love […]

CFM Review: 5 Technologies to Increase Cash Flow

Spring is Here: 3 Ways Contractors Can Take on More Work With Little Cash

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Travel Money Well Spent

Travel Money Well Spent

This article was originally published on Credit Today Online, the premier online community for trade credit executives. To signup for their free e-newsletter, click here. How do you keep up with constantly changing credit management technologies and procedures? Participating in Credit Today is an excellent start, but you should also be attending conferences and programs […]

Everything I Know About Credit I Learned From Sales

Top 10 Cities for Contractors, and Encouraging Financial Accountability from the Top

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When to send preliminary notice

When to Send Preliminary Notice [50-State Guide for Subcontractors]

Are you a prime contractor? View the Prime Contractor’s Lien and Notice Deadline Chart. Do I have to send a pre lien notice? Is my mechanics lien going to be invalid? Sound familiar? The quest to find pre lien notice (or preliminary notice) requirements and deadlines leaves many scratching their heads. To solve this problem, […]

What is a Subcontractor Lien Waiver? [FAQs and Forms]

The Project Completion Date: When It Matters And How You’ll Know

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Preliminary Notice in the Mail

Engineers Not Provided Notice Exemption In Oregon

Notices are annoying. We all know it. Having to consistently keep up with deadlines and requirements. In some states, it is downright exhausting, but there is a reward for your efforts. That reward is a perfected mechanics lien and full lien rights. On the other hand, if these notice deadlines and requirements are ignored or […]

To Arbitrate Or Not To Arbitrate: Who Decides?

Illinois Mechanics Lien Avoids Harsh Result

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How Do Amended Liens Work?

How Do Amended Liens Work?

What Is an Amended Lien? What happens when you file a mechanics lien, but then something changes? For example, what if the lien amount grows, the description of labor and/or materials provided needs modification, or if an additional party is added to the construction project? If a mechanics lien was already filed on the project property, some claimants […]

Indiana Courts Give Lienholders More Bargaining Power In Priority Battles

Mechanics Lien Affords You Due Process Protection

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Mechanics lien subordination

Subordination of Mechanics Liens: The New No-Lien Clause?

Lien waivers have an important, even critical, place in construction payment. The parties closest to the money are highly motivated to make sure the project proceeds free of any lien claims, for several reasons. Not only can mechanics liens potentially force double payment, they cloud the property title and can negatively impact bonding capacity and cash-flow, all of […]

How To Read a Lien Waiver

Taylor Swift and Prompt Payment

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