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Mechanics Lien School

6 Days to Mastering Mechanics Liens – Day 1: Understanding the Basics

Day One: Understanding the Mechanics Lien Lifecycle Whether you are a mechanics lien veteran, or just getting started, navigating lien laws across the country can be a mess. Having a general knowledge of mechanics lien basics – what liens are, why they exist, and how they work — provides a strong foundation to mastering mechanics liens, […]

Pay If Paid Clauses in California

Credit Application Series: Person v. Business Credit Check

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how to prepare for an increase in business

Spring is Here: 3 Ways Contractors Can Take on More Work With Little Cash

The snow has melted, the weather is getting warmer, and the sun is shining higher. It’s spring time, and the construction industry is kicking into high gear. With more projects available to work on, contractors are staffing up and buying building materials to prepare for the increased workload. This is great news. However, a sudden onset […]

What the Billtrust + zlien Partnership Means To You

Construction Executive Risk Management Publishes Guide to Improve Receivables and Cash Flow

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Mechanics Lien Mistakes

These Common Mistakes Can Invalidate Your Mechanics Lien

Parties in the construction industry who are unpaid after furnishing labor and/or materials to a project are generally able to secure payment through the use of a mechanics lien. There are many reasons why mechanics liens are the most formidable tool in the construction industry to virtually guarantee payment, but in order for the lien […]

Don’t Miss Your Lien Deadline By Waiting Until the Last Minute to File

3 Lien Waiver Mistakes That Can Burn Your Company

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API and Technology for Construction Lien Tracking and Notice

Cloud Technology Can Give Lien & Notice Functionality To Your ERP or Accounting Platform

Your company’s credit department likely uses a variety of different tools and software packages to operate. Unfortunately for building material suppliers, equipment rental companies, and others in the construction industry, these tools do not contemplate some of the industry’s credit and collection nuances. One such nuance is mechanics lien and bond claim rights. Thanks to […]

10 Things to Consider When Writing A Credit Policy

CFM Review: Are Teaming Agreements Binding and Enforceable?

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The Project Completion Date: When It Matters And How You’ll Know

It’s very common that we get questions about project completion dates and its effect on a party’s mechanics lien or bond claim rights. This is an important and tricky topic, and unfortunately, there aren’t very many answers. In fact, I spent 6 months last year digging into California county records to locate a solution to […]

Arizona Mechanics Lien Law: Preliminary Notices -The Basics

Stop Notice: What Is It?

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Alabama Prompt Pay

Alabama Prompt Pay and Reasonable Attorney Fees

Prompt pay laws exist to protect construction industry participants from slow or nonexistent payments. If payment is delayed beyond a specific amount of time (that varies by state) a contractor may be able to make a claim for payment pursuant to prompt payment laws of the state in which the project was located, and may […]

One Florida Mechanics Lien on Multiple Lots?: It’d Better Be For Work Under One Contract

Arizona Public Preliminary Notice Delivery Method Clarified

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Businessman Standing Posture In Boxing Gloves Isolated

People Would Rather Avoid Your Mechanics Lien

Disputes arise all the time in construction projects. It is a reality of the business that, while unfortunate, is constantly present. Mechanics liens, although potentially a precursor to an action in court, can actually help avoid litigation and get you paid. This is part of a 17-Part Series on How Mechanic Liens Work To Get You Paid. […]

Mechanics Liens Get The Owner’s Attention

Mechanics Liens Get The Lender’s Attention

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Utah Improvements

Utah Court’s Definition of “Improvement” Is Poor, Should Be Reconsidered

Questions regarding a mechanics lien’s, or potential mechanics lien’s, validity are some of the most important questions considered by lien claimants. While there are many reasons that may cause a mechanics lien claim to be invalid, the most fundamental is whether or not the work performed is of a type granted mechanics lien protection – whether […]

Super Bowl Turf Installers Filed A Mechanics Lien: 3 Things This Teaches Contractors Everywhere

Decorative Holiday Lighting and Mechanics Liens

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mechanics lien changes 2015

Mechanics Lien Law 2015: A Trend Toward Fairness

2014 was a busy year for mechanics lien law, with significant changes either enacted or contemplated in a large number of states. Changes ranged from providing a more clear definition of what constitutes the “commencement” of an improvement in Nevada, to the creation of an entirely new-from-the-ground-up mechanics lien law scheme in Mississippi. So far […]

Virginia’s New Lien Waiver Law Makes Payment More Fair

Louisiana Lessors Have Disparate Burden To Use Lien Rights

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How to make prompt payment claims

How To Make A Claim Under Prompt Payment Laws

The construction industry frequently sees big, well-funded organizations contracting with smaller, capital-needy companies, and it’s no secret that subcontractors must navigate substantial working capital challenges.  For this reason, the construction industry has well-established “prompt payment laws” in place to protect contractors and suppliers against slow and delayed payments. If a payment is tardy, contractors and […]

B2B Receivables and Collections Benchmarking Offers Lessons To Construction Industry Finance Professionals

Take Control of Cash Flow With This CFMA Webinar

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