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Mechanics Lien School

6 Days to Mastering Mechanics Liens – Day 1: Understanding the Basics

Day One: Understanding the Mechanics Lien Lifecycle Whether you are a mechanics lien veteran, or just getting started, navigating lien laws across the country can be a mess. Having a general knowledge of mechanics lien basics – what liens are, why they exist, and how they work — provides a strong foundation to mastering mechanics liens, […]

Pay When Paid and Pay If Paid Clauses in California

Credit Application Series: Person v. Business Credit Check

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Construction Growth in Recovering Market

Construction Company Growth and Increased Cash-Flow

Good News: The construction industry has been rebounding from the recession fueled decline, and has been growing for the better part of 3 years. And, with construction spending and the number of new projects up around the country, that trend looks to continue, and strengthen in the near future. Bad News: The growth has been […]

Take Control of Cash Flow With This CFMA Webinar

Cash Management: What Smart Financial Managers Know

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Winter Lien Deadlines

Don’t Miss Your Lien Deadline By Waiting Until the Last Minute to File

It’s always a good idea to keep informed of lien deadlines and not wait until the last minute to file. Even though giving the property owner a bit more time to pay you, or to put pressure on the contractor who owes you money, may sometimes enable you to get paid without needing to go […]

3 Lien Waiver Mistakes That Can Burn Your Company

5 Common Mechanics Lien Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

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Construction Credit Management

Credit Management Is Challenging in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is credit-heavy. Almost every construction industry participant furnishes their work and/or materials on credit, rather than requiring payment prior to delivery. This is true despite the fact that in many projects the value of the labor and/or materials furnished is substantial. This credit-based payment scheme extends all the way through the payment chain; most companies both extend credit, and need […]

Security Is Getting Easier to Use for CFMs: Should It Be Mandated?

Construction Technology: From the Cloud to A.I.

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The Project Completion Date: When It Matters And How You’ll Know

It’s very common that we get questions about project completion dates and its effect on a party’s mechanics lien or bond claim rights. This is an important and tricky topic, and unfortunately, there aren’t very many answers. In fact, I spent 6 months last year digging into California county records to locate a solution to […]

Arizona Mechanics Lien Law: Preliminary Notices -The Basics

Stop Notice: What Is It?

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Louisiana Preliminary Notice

Louisiana Supreme Court Silence Confirms Monthly Preliminary Notice Requirement

Generally, a preliminary notice is a one-time deal, if it is sent correctly and by the applicable deadline it doesn’t need to be thought of again. As has been discussed before, however, in some states sending one preliminary notice may not be enough to get the job done. Three states in which multiple preliminary notices may […]

Mechanics Liens on Tenant Improvements Can Be A Headache

Mechanics Lien Priority Takes a Hit in Arizona

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Collect from Bankrupt Customers

How To Get Paid When Your Customer Is Bankrupt

With the high failure rates in the construction industry, many companies have a nagging worry about a customer filing for bankruptcy with invoices still unpaid. It’s unfortunate, but this worry is not unfounded, and the dread of receiving a bankruptcy notification from a customer is pervasive. Not only is the bankruptcy process complicated to manage, but, depending […]

Has Your Lien Expired? An Infographic for Understanding Lien Enforcement Deadlines

Should Construction Industry Companies Be Required to Use Security Rights?

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Superbowl Turf Mechanics Lien Teaches Contractors Lessons

Super Bowl Turf Installers Filed A Mechanics Lien: 3 Things This Teaches Contractors Everywhere

Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson are just hours away (It starts at 5:30pm CT, on Fox) from their battle to hoist the Lombardi trophy, but a battle between Taylor Turf Installation, Inc. and the operators of MetLife Stadium has been on-going for months, as the stadium’s turf installers claim they are owed more than $292,000 […]

Decorative Holiday Lighting and Mechanics Liens

Can A Lien Be Filed If Work Was Originally Done For Free?

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3 Risks That Can Derail Your Construction Company

These 3 Risks Can Derail Your Construction Business

Construction is a volatile industry, with exceptionally high failure rates and financial risk. This is not only true in financially troubled times. A recovering or growth economy can also spell trouble for construction industry participants. Construction financial managers (“CFMs”), and others in the industry, would be well-served to be mindful of the unique risks in the construction business. […]

The Right Way to Use Mobile Technology in the Construction Industry

Construction Financial Technology: The Answer is the Cloud

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Waiting for Payment

What National Payable Figures Mean To The Construction Industry

The #SupplierPay program grabbed a lot of headlines over the past two weeks – including here on the Construction Finance Journal (see: Obama’s SupplierPay Fails The Construction Industry). Just after 26 companies pledged to pay their suppliers faster, word came out of CFO.com that “by whatever measure you choose, big companies are taking longer and longer to […]

Obama’s SupplierPay Fails The Construction Industry

Innovative CFOs Will Win In The Recovering Economy

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