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Mechanics Lien School

6 Days to Mastering Mechanics Liens – Day 1: Understanding the Basics

Day One: Understanding the Mechanics Lien Lifecycle Whether you are a mechanics lien veteran, or just getting started, navigating lien laws across the country can be a mess. Having a general knowledge of mechanics lien basics – what liens are, why they exist, and how they work — provides a strong foundation to mastering mechanics liens, […]

Pay When Paid and Pay If Paid Clauses in California

Credit Application Series: Person v. Business Credit Check

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construction technology

Construction Technology: Automation Makes You More Money

Technology can significantly improve and simplify our daily lives, both personally and professionally. It makes little difference what particular job you have, it’s exceedingly likely that it has been touched, modified, or otherwise improved by technology in some way. While the exact technology used varies between jobs and industries, the fact that technology is used doesn’t. […]

B2B Receivables and Collections Benchmarking Offers Lessons To Construction Industry Finance Professionals

Construction Company Growth and Increased Cash-Flow

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Mechanics Lien Mistakes

These Common Mistakes Can Invalidate Your Mechanics Lien

Parties in the construction industry who are unpaid after furnishing labor and/or materials to a project are generally able to secure payment through the use of a mechanics lien. There are many reasons why mechanics liens are the most formidable tool in the construction industry to virtually guarantee payment, but in order for the lien […]

Don’t Miss Your Lien Deadline By Waiting Until the Last Minute to File

3 Lien Waiver Mistakes That Can Burn Your Company

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Construction Blogs

6 Blogs Every Construction Professional Should Follow

Keeping up with blogs might not be your top priority, but there are some great resources out there that offer valuable insights on improving receivables performance, advancing business practices, and adhering to a changes in construction law. As chief legal officer of zlien, I spend a lot of time sifting through various legal and business […]

Securing Your Debt: The Mechanics Lien

CFMs: Get Rid of This Document/Process and Change for the Better

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The Project Completion Date: When It Matters And How You’ll Know

It’s very common that we get questions about project completion dates and its effect on a party’s mechanics lien or bond claim rights. This is an important and tricky topic, and unfortunately, there aren’t very many answers. In fact, I spent 6 months last year digging into California county records to locate a solution to […]

Arizona Mechanics Lien Law: Preliminary Notices -The Basics

Stop Notice: What Is It?

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Changes coming to Pennsylvania Lien Law

Pennsylvania Modifies Lien Law

Last month, the Construction finance Journal noted that Pennsylvania has been a hotspot for proposed mechanics lien changes. These changes and potential changes considered whether union workers should be classified as employees or subcontractors, examined the question of “unfair” liens as related to Pennsylvania being a “full-price” or “unpaid balance” lien state, and contemplated the creation of a […]

New York Allows Mechanics Lien Amendment When Name Wrong

California Court of Appeals Examines Mechanics Lien Law from “Soup-to-Nuts”

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construction protection liens and bond claims

Five Things To Know About Florida’s Mechanic Lien Laws (Plus 1 Extra)

Parties looking to file a mechanics lien in Florida must comply with Florida mechanics lien law, which can be found in Title 40, Chapter 713, Part I of the Florida Statutes.  While lien law can be very complex, this post outlines the top five things you should know about these laws to preserve, perfect and enforce […]

Tenant Improvements Muddy Waters for Lien Claimants

Mechanics Lien Rights Will Prevail in Most Bankruptcy Situations

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Superbowl Turf Mechanics Lien Teaches Contractors Lessons

Super Bowl Turf Installers Filed A Mechanics Lien: 3 Things This Teaches Contractors Everywhere

Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson are just hours away (It starts at 5:30pm CT, on Fox) from their battle to hoist the Lombardi trophy, but a battle between Taylor Turf Installation, Inc. and the operators of MetLife Stadium has been on-going for months, as the stadium’s turf installers claim they are owed more than $292,000 […]

Decorative Holiday Lighting and Mechanics Liens

Can A Lien Be Filed If Work Was Originally Done For Free?

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Lien Law

You Need Outsourced Technology to Manage Receivables – Here Are Options

Technology is everywhere, both in business and in everyday life. It’s a pretty safe bet that if something can be made more efficient, or just easier, by employing technology it has either already happened, or there is someone working developing a solution. This is especially true for business practices. Business has been transformed by technology throughout […]

Credit Management Is Challenging in the Construction Industry

These 3 Risks Can Derail Your Construction Business

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Take Control of Cash Flow With This CFMA Webinar

Revenue is vanity. Profit is sanity.  And what is king? That’s right.  Cash is king. And over the next two weeks, the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) is putting on the a robust and useful 2-part Cash Management Webinar for construction financial managers (CFMs).  If you are a construction finance professional, I highly recommend attending this webinar. […]

What National Payable Figures Mean To The Construction Industry

Obama’s SupplierPay Fails The Construction Industry

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