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The Easy Way to Send & Receive Notices

The easy way to send and track preliminary notices and manage all of your lien rights.

  • Send Unlimited Notices

    One flat fee and you can send notices everywhere.

  • Fill In Your Data Gaps

    Get zlien’s JobSight™ team on your side and leverage the industry’s best research team, and technology.

  • No More Paperwork

    Access everything through the cloud and track your notices and lien rights in real time.

  • Build Trusting Relationships

    Are you ready to join a construction ecosystem that everyone can trust?

The Future of Lien Waivers

Connect everyone and make lien waivers easy

  • All Waivers In One Place

    Track, collect, sign, send, provide or request waivers all in one place.

  • Make It Easy For Everyone

    Connect all stakeholders to lien waiver exchanges.

  • No More Paperwork

    Access everything through the cloud 24/7.

  • Sign or Request Signatures

    E-Signatures makes signing lien waivers easy for everyone.

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