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Supplying materials or equipment on credit is complicated and risky. Traditional credit risk monitoring doesn’t contemplate the entire project’s risk landscape. Credit insurance and outsourcing is handcuffed to flawed credit risk predictions.

You want to give more sales to more customers…but take less risk.

zlien empowers users to do exactly that with complete mechanics lien and bond claim protection across their entire accounts receivables portfolio.

  • Extend credit on virtually any project
  • Accept contracts without fear of non-payment
  • Improve your Days-Sales-Outstanding (DSOs)
  • Strengthen your customer relationships
  • Improve your project data

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Material Supplier Lien Notice and Waiver Compliance and Management

Vjera Thompson & Svetlana Evans, Accounting

Material Suppliers Making More Money by Taking Less Credit Risk.

"9Wood used the zlien platform to support an increase in revenue by more than 140% in one year."

Get Paid Always. Not If.

Don’t Get Placed In Back of the Payment Line.

Subcontractors are squeezed for cash on construction projects. You’re expected to provide labor on credit while waiting for payment to make its way through a labyrinth of cash flow issues and abuses before reaching you.

You want to get paid fairly for a job well done.

zlien empowers users to be in a financially secure position from before a project begins, so when cash gets tight, you don’t lose out.

  • Protect against non-payment with streamlined lien and bond claim compliance
  • Increase the speed of payment on your pay applications
  • Strengthen relationships with GCs and property owners
  • Exchange fair and accurate lien waivers so you know you’re financially safe

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TIm Drake, Director of Credit for US Field at ThyssenKrupp Elevators Subcontractors Can Protect Themselves against payment risks

Tim Drake, VP Credit and Collections

"Don't waste your time looking at anyone else."

Smooth Payments For Everyone. Even You.

Secure yourself from all directions.

General contractors are the commanders on a construction project. You have a lot of people to look after and direct, and you’re vulnerable to being blamed for mistakes that others make.

You want a smooth project with smooth payment. 

zlien provides GCs financial security and increased project visibility so you can hold the reins for a successful project. zlien is Fair Construction Payment Management.

  • Exchange fair, accurate lien waivers and avoid getting burned
  • Eliminate payment abuse practices
  • Protect against non-payment risks
  • Understand your exact lien exposure on the project
  • Strengthen your customer relationships
  • Improve your project data

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Lien Management for General Contractors Jennifer Nickerson
General Contractors solving lien waiver paperwork problem

"With a click of a button, we fixed a major company headache nationwide."

Eliminate Lien Exposure By Seeing More

More visibility and fairness for all.

Even on small projects, it’s difficult for a property owner to see past the general contractor and know who’s doing what work. When things go awry, you don’t have the necessary information to get them back on track—or worse, you might not even know until it’s too late.

You want a successful project without legal claims and cost overruns.

zlien empowers property owners to track what’s happening on their projects and exchange vital documents to avoid liens and other unwanted actions. Projects can go smoothly with Fair Construction Payment Management.

  • Track and manage all parties working on your project
  • Get insight on who is supplying on your project, even if you don’t know
  • Avoid surprises by requesting and exchanging lien notices
  • Easily exchange fair and accurate lien waivers
  • Improve relationships with the contractors and suppliers on your project
  • Optimize your bulky and paper intensive processes

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Property developers can manage their lien exposure and avoid hidden liens

No Hidden Liens

Enhance Your Visibility & Lower Your Risk

Lenders, sureties, and other stakeholders in a construction project must chase around project and participant information in an effort to reduce expensive financial and legal risks. Too often, the information is hard to find, and more difficult to interpret and understand even when found.

You want a project without disputes and hidden claims.

That’s exactly what we empower our users to do across all their lending or bonding portfolio.

  • Stay ahead of disputes by avoiding liens and bond claims
  • Understand your claim and lien exposure in detail
  • Track and manage all parties working on a project
  • Avoid surprises by requesting and exchanging lien notices
  • Easily exchange fair and accurate lien waivers
  • Optimize your bulky and paper intensive processes
  • Eliminate payment abuse practices

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Lenders and Sureties Mitigate Lien Exposure and Risk

TRUSTED BY THOUSANDS    subcontractor managing lien rights and lien waivers preliminary notice and lien waiver platform for suppliers national compliance and management of lien documents construction credit departments nationwide need to leverage lien rights

Our clients love getting paid!

All of our big accounts receivable problems are from before we started using  zlien We wish we would have started sooner.

lien service review

 Charley Coury, CEO at 9Wood

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